Twomad Weight Loss: A Deep Dive Into the YouTuber’s Remarkable Weight Loss!

Twomad Weight Loss: Muudea Sedik is the real name of Twomad. The YouTuber from Canada was born on December 17, 2000. When Sedik signed up for YouTube in 2017, he began his career in content creation. The now 23-year-old gamer and streamer gained popularity quickly. Expert in the live-stream gaming genre, Twomad posted videos of titles such as Overwatch and Fortnite to garner over two million subscribers. In addition, Twomad streams on Twitch, where he regularly posts skits and commentary-based videos. Reaction videos are another source of amusement for his fans.

You could learn from well-known YouTuber Twomad. He’s had an amazing transformation lately. from the moment he realized he needed to adjust his daily schedule. He adhered to a strict diet and workout regimen. This well-known YouTuber uses the ketogenic diet to reduce weight. He takes a high-fat, low-carb approach to eating. Additionally, his weight loss journey—known as Twomad’s weight loss journey—is going viral.

We’ll tell his inspirational story of losing weight and improving his health in this blog post. Everything you need to know about Twomad’s successful weight loss journey can be found right here. Now let’s get started and learn how Twomad accomplished his objectives and how you can too!

Twomad Weight Loss: How Twomad Found Out He Was Overweight?

twomad weight loss

Twomad has always been passionate about making videos for Twitch and YouTube. His humorous skits and gaming videos gained him notoriety. However, he also found it difficult to lead a healthy lifestyle. He documented his progress and how he lost over 70 pounds in less than a year by sharing his weight loss journey on social media in 2020.

He used a mix of calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and exercise to lose weight. However, how did he discover that he was obese? That is a tale in and of itself. Twomad became aware of his weight gain when he came across pictures of himself. He felt guilty and ashamed of himself for allowing his health to deteriorate. His family and friends also began to worry about his weight gain. It was a grave situation. Their concerns stemmed from the possible health hazards linked to being overweight.

These remarks struck a chord with Twomad. He therefore desired to enhance his general well-being. He decided that it was time to act and adopt some significant lifestyle adjustments. Then he began to enhance his exercise and nutrition regimen.

Twomad embarked on a journey towards improved health with a strong sense of resolve and diligence. It was a physically and mentally taxing journey.

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Twomad Weight Loss: Following a Strict Diet

twomad weight loss

At first, maintaining a strict diet may seem overwhelming. However, it is a crucial component of weight loss. Twomad was aware of this and resolved to alter his eating patterns. He began by reducing his intake of processed foods and increasing the amount of whole foods in his meals.

His Main Goal Was to Eat Lean Proteins. This comprises a Lot of Fruits and Vegetables, Fish, and Poultry. He Also Took Care to Stay Hydrated During the Day by Consuming a Lot of Water. Most Diets that Restrict Portion Sizes or Cut Calories. The main goal of The Keto Diet Is to Replace Unhealthy Fats with Large Amounts of Healthy Fats.

Twomad prepared his meals for the week in advance to keep himself on track with his keto diet. This assisted him in preventing snap judgments from impeding his advancement. He also occasionally treated himself to treats. to prevent him from feeling lacking.

Furthermore, he restricted the number of calories he consumed each day. Additionally, he made sure that the food consumed continued to be of a high nutritional quality. This assisted him in finding a balance between cutting calories and losing weight. It continued to supply the nutrients required to maintain health.

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Twomad Weight Loss: Changing Lifestyle

twomad weight loss

Twomad started by making small changes in his daily routine. Rather than spending his entire day glued to his computer screen, he started going for daily walks outside. He also added frequent gym visits to his schedule to increase his physical activity levels.

In addition to working out, Twomad decided to completely change his diet. He eliminated junk food and sugar-filled beverages from his diet. He swapped them out for more healthful options like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Although difficult at first, it eventually became second nature.

Furthermore, Twomad discovered that having accountability partners made it easier for him to remain motivated during this process. They gave him support when he wanted to give up or revert to his old behaviors. It was the resolve of Twomads. Through these lifestyle adjustments, he was able to successfully transform both mentally and physically.


Twomad, born Muudea Sedik, a Canadian YouTuber and gamer, gained fame for his gaming content. In 2020, he underwent a remarkable weight loss journey, shedding over 70 pounds through a combination of calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and exercise. Recognizing his weight gain from photos, Twomad adopted a strict ketogenic diet, focusing on whole foods, lean proteins, and hydration. He also made lifestyle changes, incorporating regular walks and gym sessions. With accountability partners and determination, Twomad achieved both physical and mental transformation, inspiring others with his success.

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