Zac Efron Weight Gain: Did He Change His Lifestyle or Choose to Gain Weight?

Zac Efron Weight Loss: In his cover story for Variety, which was released on Thursday, Zac Efron talked about how hard he worked on his next movie Iron Claw.

Before the pro-wrestling biopic’s premiere, the 36-year-old actor opened out about how intensely he trained for the role and acknowledged that he became “obsessed.”

“It was a singular focus for months,” he remarked of his work on the film, which has a December 22 theater opening. “And as you’re getting ready, your life falls apart.

Zac Efron’s Weight Gain: Intense Training and Transformative Role

zac efron weight gain

The former Disney star talked about working on 17 Again with the late Friends actor and how his unexpected passing affected him. He also paid respect to Matthew Perry during the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He informed the source that to develop 15 pounds of muscle for his most recent project, he engaged in volume training and worked out for several hours each day.

Additionally, he disclosed that he would engage in wrestling matches, lasting between seven and fifteen minutes, several times a day and on successive days of the week. He mentioned that his rigorous training had helped him get ready for that.

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zac efron weight gain

He said that it was “really hard.” “I was able to incorporate old-school bodybuilding and Olympic lifting, and achieved that specific look of pro wrestlers,” he said.

Efron clarified that although the physical change enabled him to fully inhabit his part, he nevertheless experienced a “withdrawing” similar to that of his character.

It was an unexpected ally, he remarked. “You don’t feel normal with all that weight on you.”He said, “And the delayed-onset muscle soreness was through the roof.” It’s one thing to handle that during preparation; you don’t have to be social. I noticed that I was retreating quite a bit.

Zac Efron Weight Gain: He Reflects on Perfectionism, Loneliness, and Growth

The former member of High School Musical revealed that he frequently succumbs to his perfectionist inclinations and has to remind himself that “life is way too short.” “It’s supposed to be fun,” he stated. I have to keep telling myself that having fun is the most important thing.

“Life is way too short if being a perfectionist is going to be a constant pain in my side,” the person said. Growing up in the entertainment industry may be challenging and might feel isolating, as he experienced, since “what you’re going through is of very little concern.”

“The next mission, the next movie, making sure everyone else is very happy, is always the goal,” he continued. At times, it can be extremely isolating. In light of it, he declared that he would tell his younger self, who had just finished filming High School Musical and gained notoriety, to “chill out.”

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‘It’s not the end of the world,’ he promised to reassure himself.

During the interview, Efron also discussed his collaboration with Perry on the 2009 comedy picture 17 Again, and he spoke up about “his passing me a lot.” He acknowledged that “being in the spotlight” and being an actor may be “lonely” and “isolating.”

“Being an actor and in the spotlight can be very isolating,” he stated. “It can be isolating.” Additionally, Efron advised creating a close-knit support system for yourself.

He added that he had recently had the chance to do so with Perry. “It’s very important to reach out to friends and foster relationships where you can talk and share stories,” he said.

“I treasure the moments we spent together,” he went on. “Every day, I’ve been thinking about him a lot.”


Zac Efron opens up about his intense preparation for the pro-wrestling biopic “Iron Claw,” highlighting the challenges of gaining 15 pounds of muscle and engaging in wrestling matches. He reflects on perfectionism, loneliness in the entertainment industry, and the impact of Matthew Perry’s passing. Efron emphasizes the importance of building a supportive inner circle.

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