Vanderpump Rules Star Katie Maloney Gets Candid About Lip Filler Purpose!

Katie Maloney recently opened up about her decision to get lip filler, revealing a deeper reason behind the cosmetic enhancement. Speaking on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, the 37-year-old shared that she opted for filler to address scarring from a serious accident she endured in 2009.

Detailing the incident, Maloney recounted how she fell through a glass skylight from a significant height, resulting in multiple severe injuries including a broken jaw, collarbone, and ribs. She also suffered a brain injury and lost several teeth in the traumatic event.

“The scar tissue on one side of my face was a big concern,” Maloney explained. “I used the lip filler to help balance out the volume and appearance on that side.”

While the filler provided aesthetic benefits, Maloney emphasized that its primary purpose was to mitigate the visible effects of her accident. In a previous appearance on The Doctors in 2018, she described the moments leading up to the fall, recalling a casual evening with friends that turned into a harrowing ordeal.

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Reflecting on her recovery, Maloney acknowledged the ongoing impact on her mental health, noting that emotional healing has been as challenging as her physical rehabilitation. Despite the hardships, she expressed gratitude for surviving relatively intact and urged listeners to cherish life and prioritize happiness.

During a candid moment on the Vanderpump Rules reunion in 2018, Maloney shared her struggles with depression and the initial reluctance to discuss her emotional well-being with others.

“I ignored it and didn’t want to admit how much it affected me. It was a tough time, but I’ve learned to appreciate life more and embrace every moment.”

she admitted.

Through her journey, Katie Maloney continues to inspire with her resilience and openness about overcoming adversity, both physical and emotional, urging others to find strength in vulnerability and to prioritize self-care in the face of life’s challenges.

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