Taylor Swift Weight Gain: From Weight Gain Struggles to Body Positivity

Taylor Swift Weight Gain: In the fast-paced world of the American music industry, Taylor Swift has undoubtedly carved her name as one of the biggest stars of her time. She has so made headlines for her weight gain and decrease.

Her songs, which perfectly capture the emotions of love, grief, and retaliation, have touched millions of listeners for almost 20 years. Swift, who is often in the spotlight, has struggled with body image issues behind the scenes. She still embraces her personality and appearance with confidence, though, and is now seen as a symbol of body positivity.

Let’s explore her motivational path of weight gain, body positivity, and overcoming body image pressure.

Taylor Swift Weight Gain: She Is Currently Working Toward Body Acceptance!

taylor swift weight gain

Fans who attended Taylor Swift’s (@taylorswift) Reputation secret sessions—a private listening party for her album Reputation—were rumored to have heard her admit that she had gained roughly twenty-five pounds. She claimed that she put on 25 pounds and that the paparazzi were constantly inquiring as to whether or not she was expecting.

When Taylor Swift eventually came out of hiding in 2018, after nearly a year since the infamous “Kimye” call, she shocked everyone by gaining weight. She unveiled her new physique on her Reputation tour. Many of her fans said that, for once, she appeared healthy. It seems that the majority of them didn’t consider her extremely thin pre-weight gain appearance to be particularly healthful.

They had no idea, though, that Taylor Swift had worked hard to maintain her slender appearance because she truly thought that gaining weight would be the worst thing that could happen to her. Even though she was extremely slim, the You Belong With Me singer later disclosed that she used to become offended by remarks regarding weight gain. This is consistent with her previous regimen of rigorous exercise at the gym.

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taylor swift weight gain

Everyone was shocked to learn that Taylor Swift had gained weight sometime after 2016 and appeared a lot thicker, even though they were all accustomed to seeing her underweight. Individuals were making comparisons between her before and after, saying things like, “She went from a twig to a stick.” Her post-weight increase was generally well received by her fans, who felt that she had previously seemed dangerously thin and substantially underweight and had finally put on the “much-needed” weight.

Taylor Swift addressed her weight gain and discussed the body image problems that led her to maintain the kind of slender appearance she did in 1989. The topic was covered by the Shake it Off hitmaker in her Netflix documentary Miss Americana. In the documentary, she revealed that there had been instances in the past when she’d seen a photo of herself and thought her stomach was too big, or when someone had told her she looked pregnant, which would have simply caused her to starve herself a little bit.

When fans learned that Taylor Swift had gone through all of this before she had a healthy weight gain, they were both startled and disappointed. They were equally skeptical because they could not have imagined that Taylor, who had always been so slender, was experiencing situations where she was set off by remarks of this nature. She was, however, also subjected to skinny-shaming. She was confused at the time.

Taylor Swift has now moved past that and is at a place where she doesn’t give a damn about people’s opinions regarding her weight gain. She claimed to have come to terms with the fact that she was no longer a size double-zero and had grown into a size 6. It finally happened after a protracted period of starving herself to prevent weight growth and the ensuing eating disorders.

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taylor swift weight gain

That Taylor Swift would never consider it a victory if someone who worked at a magazine said, “Oh, wow, this is so amazing that you can fit into the sample sizes” is fantastic news for her self-esteem and body image concerns. “Normally, we have to alter the dresses, but we can put them on you straight off the runway,” she said, inspiring herself to maintain her physique in that way in exchange for such compliments.

Alternatively, she will not allow a tabloid to claim she was pregnant simply because she wore something that made her tummy appear protruding, forcing her to starve herself in retaliation for “looking pregnant,” as a personal setback.

Taylor Swift discussed her evolving thoughts regarding her weight gain in an essay for Elle’s cover story titled 30 Things I Learned Before Turning 30. She said that she had worked hard to retrain her brain to believe that a little extra weight meant curves, shiny hair, and greater energy. She had also learned to cease detesting every gram of fat on her body. The singer of Love Story claimed that she was always addressing her problems with body image.


Taylor Swift, a prominent figure in the music industry, faced body image pressure and weight gain scrutiny. Revealed in her Netflix documentary, she admitted to past struggles, including skinny-shaming and unhealthy habits. Overcoming these challenges, she embraced body positivity, sharing her journey in essays and addressing the importance of self-acceptance.

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