Tammy Slaton Weight gain: She Lashes out After Being Accused of Gaining Weight!

Tammy Slaton Weight Gain: The 36-year-old Tammy Slaton was born on July 27, 1986. Starring in TLC’s 1000-lb Sisters reality series are Tammy, a 24-year-old Dixton, Kentucky resident, and her sister Amy. They are also well-known for their humorous YouTube videos. In November 2021, Tammy’s weight came to light at 631 pounds.

Her highest weight attained was 685 pounds. The show chronicles their everyday pursuits, weight-loss surgeries, and attempts to reduce weight. Amy Halterman’s spouse, Michael Halterman, is a cast member. Over time, the Slaton family has welcomed Chris, Misty, and Amanda into the program.

Chris Combs, Amy’s brother, and Tammy’s brother, decided to lose weight and continues to do so on the show. When Tammy visits the doctor, he goes with her. The couple’s son, Gage Deon Halterman, was also featured on the show after Amy found out she was pregnant while being taken to the emergency room in the first episode of the second season, “Life-Altering News.”

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss: She gained a Few Pounds

Nobody can undervalue the strides Tammy Slaton has made in her weight loss quest. The 1000-Lb. Sisters actress responded to a commenter who said, “I hope you’re still focusing on losing weight” on one of her recent posts on TikTok by posting a video on the platform on Saturday. It appears that you have put on some weight! I’m just a kind fan, not a hater.

“I’m not heavier than I was,” the 37-year-old affirmed. “I am not heavier than I was before. It was the angle at which the camera was held. The social media user referenced a video in which Slaton introduced herself and advertised the many presents she received from various local businesses that supported her. In a comment on the video, someone else questioned why she was receiving candy and snacks from people while she was attempting to lose weight.

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Slaton responded in a different TikTok, saying, “I get what you’re saying, but if I’m going to support local businesses, then I’ll let them send me cookies or candies. I have to refuse to eat the candy and push it away. You can tell that I’ve come a long way, and I continue to do so every day.

I apologize if I seem harsh or agitated, but that’s how I kind of am. You guys don’t believe in me,” she went on. “You guys keep posting things like this, and it hurts my feelings. I’ve shown myself time and time again that I can lose weight, that I am losing weight, and that I am still losing weight. Is there any faith left? Where is the confidence?

Tammy Slaton Weight Loss: From Overcoming Cravings to Achieving Significant Milestones

She concluded, saying, “I know you’re trying to take care of me, but I have to say no sometimes.” “I have to shove everything away, even the cake, cookies, and candies. I know it’s difficult to believe, but I don’t eat that much of it. Not any longer. Even my sugar cravings aren’t that strong.

Slaton has lost a significant amount of weight, and the most recent season of 1000-Lb. Sisters included some of her accomplishments. During a family vacation to Pensacola, Florida, viewers were able to witness the reality star lose enough weight to take a plane ride for the first time.

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Slaton also achieved her goal of sitting in the front seat of the vehicle and fastening her seatbelt for the first time. She spoke candidly with PEOPLE last month about her achievements following her weight loss of 440 pounds, which was less than her peak of 725 pounds. She underwent bariatric surgery in July 2022 and is currently weighing 285 pounds.

“Most people probably wouldn’t notice a big change that I went through this past year,” she said to PEOPLE. “But it was really big for me.” The ability to walk independently without the use of a wheelchair or walker, without oxygen. Tammy brags, “I don’t even sleep with it at night anymore.” The next thing was that it could fit in the front seat of a conventional car and the belt buckle without the need for an extender. Thus, even something that may seem insignificant is enormous to me.


Tammy Slaton, born on July 27, 1986, gained fame through TLC’s “1000-Lb. Sisters” series. Documenting her weight loss journey, she went from 685 to 285 pounds post-bariatric surgery. Facing criticism on social media, Tammy defended her progress, emphasizing her commitment. The reality star achieved significant milestones, including flying for the first time and buckling a seatbelt in the front seat. Despite challenges, she remains focused on her weight loss goals.

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