Taeyeon Opens Up About Her Plastic Surgery Speculation: “My mom’s heart will ache”!

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery: Kim Taeyeon has wanted to be a singer since she was a kid. When she was in middle school, she used to travel with her dad from Jeonju to Seoul every Sunday. Why? To practice singing at SM Academy. Now, she’s living her dream as a member of the famous South Korean girl band, SNSD

Before her debut, Taeyeon’s training photos at S.M. Entertainment showed her with a fuller face, still holding onto some baby fat. Her nose was a bit round and blunt at the end. At just 18 years old, she kicked off her career as a member of Girls Generation in 2007. Taeyeon’s exceptional talent soon led her to become the group’s leader. 

In addition to her stunning looks, Taeyeon has ventured into acting in movies and TV shows. She even lent her voice to the Korean audio versions of the Hollywood blockbuster cartoons, Despicable Me 1 & 2. No doubt, Taeyeon’s appearances and style have made her a huge pop idol in the K-pop industry.

Recently, her fans are curious about whether she’s had any plastic surgery. Let’s explore Taeyeon Plastic Surgery Speculation.

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery: Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Taeyeon Plastic Surgery: Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

In 2009, Taeyeon had a rounder face with some extra weight around her jawline. Her eyes seemed larger, with a cute under-eye puffiness called aegyo-sal. But if you compare her to a photo from recent photo, you’ll notice some changes. Her facial features have become more defined and prominent, especially her jawline and eyes. Her nose bridge also looks sharper and longer now. 

In the 2009 photo, Taeyeon’s nose tip appears blunter, while in the more recent photo, it looks higher. If Taeyeon underwent nose surgery, it’s possible she focused on enhancing her nose bridge. 

While Taeyeon from SNSD has denied undergoing any plastic surgery, some people believe otherwise, especially when looking at her nose. Her nose has a perfect sky jump shape, often associated with surgery. Some suspect she may have had a combination of procedures, including double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty. Additionally, there are speculations about her jaw being shaved to make it narrower, as her chin appears slightly smaller. 

 Taeyeon mentioned this on her radio show, MBC Radio FM4U’s, While discussing about plastic surgery with her guest, Taeyeon added,

“I’ve gotten some misunderstandings relating to this topic as well. ‘She fixed her eyes…she fixed her nose… etc…’ Everyone, I didn’t have plastic surgery! I didn’t fix my nose or eyes. My mom will be very sad if these stories are going around about her daughter that she gave birth to with her own strength…”

Despite Taeyeon denying any plastic surgery, the issue persists due to significant changes in her appearance that many attribute to cosmetic procedures. Some find it hard to believe that her transformations are purely natural. 

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Kim Taeyeon, has been passionate about singing since childhood. She used to travel to Seoul every Sunday with her dad to practice singing at SM Academy. Before her debut, Taeyeon had a fuller face with some baby fat, but her exceptional talent soon propelled her to become the leader of Girls Generation.

Despite her natural talent and stunning looks, rumors about Taeyeon’s plastic surgery have persisted among fans and the public.

Comparing photos from 2009 to 2023, noticeable changes in Taeyeon’s facial features suggest possible plastic surgery, including a sharper jawline, more defined eyes, and a higher nose bridge. While Taeyeon has denied undergoing any plastic surgery, suspicions remain, especially regarding her nose shape, which appears surgically enhanced.

Rumors about corner lip surgery have also circulated in 2017. Despite her denials, many find it difficult to believe that Taeyeon’s transformations are entirely natural, given the significant changes in her appearance over the years.

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