Sloane Stephens Weight Gain: What’s Behind Her Recent Weight Gain?

Sloane Stephens Weight Gain: Sloane Stephens was regarded as one of the finest tennis players and was hailed by many as Serena Williams‘ replacement. She has won seven WTA Tour singles championships. At her height, she had an incredibly successful run that included winning the 2017 US Open and rising to a career-high ranking of World No. 3 following her Wimbledon participation in 2018. Despite having a very successful career, she has not lived up to the expectations placed on her when she was announced as Serena’s replacement.

Sloane Stephens made it to the French Open’s second Grand Slam singles final in 2018 and rose into the top 10. She even placed second in the WTA Finals, but that was the height of her career success; after that, it has kind of declined. Because of her weight gain, many tennis fans believe that she is not making a significant effort to hold onto her place and accuse her of not being serious about her career. Let’s talk about her weight since it has been a topic of discussion throughout her career.

Sloane Stephens Weight Gain: Tennis Fans Are Always Talking About Her Physique!

Sloane Stephens Weight Gain

Talking about Sloane Stephens (@sloanestephens) these days is never complete without someone remarking on how much weight she’s gained. On every tennis site, there have been endless debates regarding her weight, and rumors that she is pregnant also frequently surface. She will never get those off of her.

Stephens’ career has been incredibly uneven. While it surprised some that she lost to Anna Kalinskaya in the third round of the 2024 Australian Open after dominating the first two rounds against Daria Kasatkina and Olivia Gadecki, others kind of saw it coming as they had long suspected that Stephens was not motivated to advance in her career. To prove their case, they always bring up her weight gain. It’s not better that some people think she might be pregnant.

Sloane Stephens indeed looks a little heavier than the typical tennis player. Tennis fans who have followed her since the start of her career are adamant that she has not been maintaining herself well and that she is not as in shape as she was when she was at her best. To an inexperienced eye, there might not be much of a change. They contend that she is not as committed to her career as she is, which is why she does nothing about her weight gain, but rather is more in love with the recognition that comes with being a sports celebrity and is happy with her accomplishments.

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Sloane Stephens Weight Gain: How Has She Gained Weight Lately?

Sloane Stephens Weight Gain

The audience has been captivated by Sloan Stephens’s recent appearances because of her noticeable physical transformation. Fans and admirers of Sloan were unable to suppress their curiosity over the rumored weight gain that is evident in her appearance.

On social media, a lot of individuals have refuted those who believe she has put on a few pounds. They claim that it is difficult to determine for sure if Sloan has put on some weight and that the tennis player has not yet made any comments on the matter.

Being a top-tier athlete, she needs to keep her strength, agility, and body weight in balance. Sloane, who is 5’7″ tall and weighs about 64 kg, needs to exercise frequently to stay in shape. She also needs to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

Sloane Stephens has not responded to any reports or proof that surfaced online suggesting that she had put on weight, and there is no information available from the tennis player herself. Thus, these are merely unsupported claims that are rumors that the general population is spreading.

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Is Sloane Stephens Pregnant? Fans Claim that She Gained Weight as A Result of Being Pregnant!

Sloane Stephens Weight Gain

For as long as people have discussed the tennis player’s weight increase, there have been rumors that she is pregnant. Her weight always seems to come up when her name does. Additionally, her pregnancy changes every time her weight changes. Only roughly 0% of the instances that people assumed she was pregnant were correct. Sloane Stephens has received a lot of attention in the comments section, so you would think by now that people would know that her weight gain isn’t connected to her pregnancy.

She appeared to be pregnant, so a fan asked her in October of last year if she was. She refuted the rumors. Because of the way her tummy protrudes, they posed the same question when they saw her at the Australian Open in 2024. She admitted to everyone that she freezes her eggs in the off-season and that she does occasionally wish for children. Thus far, it appears that her goal is to obtain a surrogate to concentrate on her career. Even though Sloane Stephens is having a baby, she might not be pregnant. There can be another reason for her weight gain.

“The most common assumption is that she isn’t interested in her work because she hasn’t stated why. This was said about her by a tennis enthusiast on a website, and many others agreed.”

She is fifteen pounds overweight, but other than that, her game has not changed at all. It appeared as though Keys would make a big comeback when she destroyed her in the 2017 US Open final. Instead, she frequently plays careless, mistake-prone tennis with slack footwork. She is being coached by someone who has done an awful job. She ought to be at the height of her powers and have improved. Rather than improving, she has regressed and wasted her potential. She seems intellectually lethargic and unmotivated to succeed.

When accusations like these are leveled against Sloane Stephens, her friends stand up for her and emphasize that the few pounds she has gained have had no bearing on her physical ability. But they don’t just buy it. They falsely believe that her increased weight has affected her performance.

“She carried extra weight in her back, arms, butt, and stomach overall. Although I am aware that everyone has a distinct body shape, I can notice more weight.” Sloane Stephens finds it difficult to ignore comments made about how overweight she is or that they believe she may be pregnant.


Sloane Stephens once hailed as Serena Williams’ successor, has faced scrutiny for weight gain, sparking rumors of pregnancy. Despite her successful tennis career, recent performance dips fuel discussions on commitment. Fans debate her physique, with some speculating on pregnancy. Stephens remains tight-lipped, and while friends defend her, critiques persist on potential impacts on her game.

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