Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery: Fans Praise and Criticize the Music Mogul’s Latest Look

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery: After catching a glimpse of Simon Cowell’s most recent appearance, fans are giving the music executive who loves Botox a taste of his own medicine. After posting a video to Instagram, the 63-year-old former “American Idol” judge received a lot of negative feedback, with many people asking if he hadn’t overdone the injections once more.

In his post, Cowell praised pop group One Direction for their 2011 hit song “What Makes You Beautiful,” which has received one billion Spotify plays. He posted the video on Thursday and captioned it, saying, “A massive thank you to everyone involved and all of the fans.”

The post was made just over a year after Cowell informed reporters he was done, and it coincides with the unfortunate death hoax that surfaced last week.

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

simon cowell plastic surgery

Immediately after, sardonic admirers questioned “what on earth has happened” to Cowell’s mug in the comments section. Somebody joked, “The Botox is wearing off, Simon.” One person chimed in, “How many people think he’s not overdoing the Botox?” “Simon, you looked good before the plastic.” Another jokingly said, “Simon, why are you wearing that poker face?” “OMG, what’s wrong with his face?” a fan enquired. What took place?

“You didn’t need Botox, cosmetic surgery, or anything else to change the way you looked. You looked good enough the way you were.” A follower shook their head and said, “I think it’s quite sad to see someone with your success and status doing this to themselves.”

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simon cowell plastic surgery

According to Vera Files, the creator of “America’s Got Talent” was recently the victim of a dark prank in which a Facebook user posted a clickbait article announcing Cowell’s purported death. “We announce about ‘America’s Got Talent’ Simon Cowell, he has been confirmed as…” was the post’s headline. View additional.

The “see more” hyperlink led those who fell for the ruse to other websites that featured fictitious images of Cowell appearing ill and suggested that he was in the hospital or had passed away. The British presenter’s face has been the target of internet jokes for a while now.

When Cowell last appeared in a video that was made public in December 2022, many people made fun of him by drawing comparisons to a “Madame Tussauds waxwork.” In the snap, the record executive had urged people to get in touch with him to try out for “Britain’s Got Talent.”

Cowell said, “I always say on this show, two or three minutes can change your life.” And it has. And perhaps it will be you this time. The father of one had declared he was done with Botox injections just months before the release of the video.

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simon cowell plastic surgery

Cowell revealed at the Nickelodeon 2022 Kids’ Choice Awards in April of last year that he was sick of looking “like something out of a horror film” due to Botox fillers. He told the Sun at the time, “There was a phase where everyone was having their faces pumped full of this and the other.”

“There was a point where I might have gone a little too far,” he continued. The other day, I came across an old photo of myself and at first didn’t recognize it as mine.


Simon Cowell, 63, faced criticism for his appearance in an Instagram video praising One Direction’s achievement. Fans speculated on excessive Botox use, comparing him to a waxwork. Cowell, previously vocal about quitting Botox, was recently targeted in a death hoax. The music executive acknowledged past cosmetic procedures, expressing dissatisfaction, stating he looked “like something out of a horror film.”

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