Shania Twain Opens Up About Menopause and Body Positivity!

At 58, Shania Twain remains an open book, candidly discussing various aspects of her life, including divorce, Lyme disease, and her childhood.

In a recent interview with The Mirror ahead of her performance at the Glastonbury Festival, the star addressed menopause weight gain and shared how it affects her—or rather, how it doesn’t.

Twain emphasized finding the positive side of menopause, stating:

“I’m just feeling grateful that I have my health, that I can ride horses. I enjoy being active, being physical,” adding that she’s “well into the menopause.”

Shania Twain Opens Up About Menopause and Body Positivity

She made it clear that she refuses to hyper fixate on perceived flaws. “Do you think I care if I’ve got a roll? No, I’m not focusing on that,” she explained.

“I’m happy when I look in the mirror, I’m not cringing when I look in the mirror. What’s unfortunate is that, when I was younger, I was doing that. When I started to realize I had been missing out on whatever I am, I knew it was time to make a major change.”

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This isn’t the first time Shania has talked openly about her physical changes. She has shared her weight loss journey and addressed plastic surgery rumors earlier this year.

Through hard work and determination, the “You’re Still the One” singer has found a new perspective, one that has changed how she views herself and allows her to feel grounded in the present. She said:

“So now I’m there, I’m in that place, I’ve arrived. Where I no longer feel inhibited by my body, by those silly things.”

Shania has also embraced other menopause symptoms, including the onset of gray hair. She sees an upside to it, noting that the lightened hue allows her to experiment with fun colors like pastel pink.

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“It’s so light, it’s practically gray,” she recently told Extra about the color, which she’s sported on multiple occasions, including in her “Waking Up Dreaming” music video. “So that was a really good surprise. And when I’m entirely gray, if I ever do want to just hue my hair pink, I know I’m gonna look great.”

Twain’s embracing of these changes is part of her refusal to buy into the fear of getting older. “Fear is just in your way,” she added. “Some things are worth worrying about. I’m not afraid of aging. What a waste of my energy to worry about that, to fear that.”

Shania Twain’s perspective on aging and menopause is a refreshing reminder to focus on health, happiness, and self-acceptance. She truly has a point!

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