Scott Disick’s Weight Loss Worries His Fans: “He looks sick and unhealthy, too much weight loss.”

Scott Disick’s Weight Loss: Scott Michael Disick is an American celebrity known for his appearances on TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians and its spinoffs. His fame from these shows led to his own series called Flip It Like Disick, where he flips houses.

Apart from TV, Disick has been involved in various businesses. He launched a clothing brand called Talentless, invested in nightclubs, and managed several vitamin companies.

Recently, fans have become worried about his significant weight loss. Some speculate that he might be using a weight loss drug called Ozempic. Now, let’s delve into the reasons behind Scott Disick’s sudden weight loss.

Scott Disick’s Weight Loss: Is He Facing Any Health Issues?

Scott Disick's Weight Loss: Is He Facing Any Health Issues?

Scott Disick was seen going out for dinner in New York City, and people noticed that he looks slimmer than before.

He went to The Polo Bar in Midtown with his daughter, Penelope, and his youngest son, Reign, whom he shares with his ex, Kourtney Kardashian.

Scott wore a blue suit, a white shirt, and black shoes for the dinner. His hair was neatly combed, and his beard looked well-groomed, showing off his strong jawline.

Penelope, who is 11 years old, wore a white sweater, a brown Louis Vuitton scarf, jeans, sneakers, and carried a handbag. Reign, who is 9, wore a camouflage sweater, a white T-shirt, and jeans. Scott’s girlfriend, Bella Banos, also joined them. She was dressed in all black.

Concerned fans expressed their worries on social media about Scott’s recent appearance. 

One person tweeted, 

“Scott Disick looks really sick” 

While another wrote, 

“He looks sick and unhealthy, too much weight loss.”

This isn’t the first time he’s lost weight, and fans are concerned about him. He’s shed pounds before for various reasons. Once, he put on weight because he hurt his back.

Khloe Kardashian took Scott to see a doctor regarding his back injury, which he claims he got from a car crash in 2022. He mentioned to the doctor that the crash caused him to gain weight and also affected his sexual performance.

Scott confessed to Khloe on the show.

“I’ve gained a lot of weight here because of my back.”

Then, Kardashian said:

“I think Scott maybe needs a little pep talk because this is probably the unhealthiest I’ve seen him, He’s barely mobile, and it’s all from his back.”

As OKmagazine! previously reported, Fans started to worry about Scott’s health last month after seeing a new Instagram video where he looked gaunt. But now his change is amazing and deserves praise. Now, he’s back in good shape again.

Some speculated that his weight loss could be linked to using the popular drug Ozempic for weight management. It’s not clear what caused the weight loss, but Scott appeared to be having a good time on Friday night, so everything seems relatively normal with him. 

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Scott Disick has been worrying his fans lately because he’s lost a lot of weight. People noticed he looked very thin when he was out in Los Angeles recently. They shared their concerns on social media, saying he seemed sick and not well at all because of how much weight he’s lost.

Scott has said that he gained weight because of a back injury he got in a car crash in 2022. He even talked about it with Khloé Kardashian on a show. She took him to see a doctor for his back, and it seems like his health worries her too.

Some fans think his weight loss might be because he’s taking a drug called Ozempic, which helps with weight management. Even though people are worried about him, Scott seemed to be having fun when he was out recently. So, while his weight loss is concerning, he seemed okay otherwise. 

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