Scott Disick Weight Gain: How Has His Health Been Affected By His Weight Gain?

Scott Disick Weight Gain: Scott Disick is a well-known American media personality and socialite. You might recognize him from his Keeping Up with the Kardashians role and its spinoffs. He’s been a significant part of these popular reality shows.

His fame from these shows led to another show called Flip It Like Disick. He flips or renovates houses in this show, and it aired on the E! channel.

But Scott Disick is not just about reality TV. He’s also tried his hand at different businesses. He started a clothing brand called Talentless, invested in nightclubs, and even ran several companies that make vitamins.

In the past, there was some talk on the internet about Scott Disick gaining weight. It was reported that he put on about 40 pounds. Some people thought this might be because he was feeling down after not being able to reconnect with his ex-wife, Kourtney Kardashian.

And now, He’s openly said he’s put on a lot of weight after a car accident. If you’re curious about Scott Disick’s weight gain and how he’s dealing with it, keep reading this article.

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Scott Disick Weight Gain: Khloé Kardashian’s Concern and Scott’s Road to Recovery

Scott Disick Weight Gain

In the latest episode of The Kardashians season 4, Scott Disick makes his first appearance on October 12. He meets Khloé Kardashian for a much-needed hangout session. During their conversation, Scott opens up about his recent struggles. He mentions that he has gained a lot of weight due to issues with his back.

Scott explains that his back problems have worsened, especially after a car accident in 2022 when his Lamborghini rolled over. This accident led to an injury in his back that has been causing him a lot of pain.

Scott’s doctors have suggested the possibility of back surgery to address his condition, but Khloé is encouraging him to consider physical therapy as an alternative. She’s worried about his health and mobility, noting that this is the unhealthiest she’s seen him.

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Scott Disick Weight Gain

In a later meeting with Khloé, Scott shares that his back still hurts quite a bit, but they are finally progressing in understanding his condition. He receives the results of his MRI and consults with a doctor from Sports Rehab LA. The doctor informs Scott that he’s on the verge of possibly needing surgery, but there’s a small window of opportunity to avoid it.

During this medical consultation, Scott tries to lighten the mood by joking about his inability to be physically active, including having fun in the bedroom. Khloé encourages him to use this as motivation to work on his recovery.

In summary, Scott’s weight gain and physical discomfort are discussed in the context of his consideration of back surgery. While specific weight details are not provided, it’s clear that his health and physical well-being have been affected, and he is exploring various options, including physical therapy, to address his back issues instead of surgery.

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