Sarah Snook’s Weight Gain: Was Sarah Pregnant During ‘Succession’?

Australian actress Sarah Snook is well-known for her outstanding lead performance in the television series Succession. Adelaide, South Australia, is where she was born and reared. She was young when she first expressed her love of the performing arts. Sarah Snook graduated in 2008 with a Fine Arts (Acting) degree from the esteemed National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). Before entering the Australian television and film industries, she began her acting career in a Sydney theater.

For her leading and supporting performances in TV movies including These Final Hours, Not Suitable for Children, Predestination, Sisters of War, and more, she has won multiple prominent Australian film awards. Later on, Sarah Snook made appearances in several well-known TV shows and motion pictures, such as Run Rabbit Run, Pieces of a Woman, Men Against Fire, Black Mirror, and West End.

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What Was the Reason Behind Sarah Snook’s Weight Gain?

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Fans of “Succession” observed Sarah Snook’s weight increase in 2021, and online discussions about her potential pregnancy began. A fan claimed that Snook looked stunning as always in a dark comedy series episode, and she couldn’t help but note that she appeared to be in the early stages of pregnancy. The admirer looked up many stories on the actress’s weight online.

Fans and the media have always had their eyes on Sarah Snook. However, because she was so out of shape in seasons three and four of the television show Succession, people were curious. Thus, what caused Sarah Snook to put on weight? Unexpectedly, Sarah Snook gained weight during her pregnancies in seasons three and four of Success. At the season four premiere, she broke the wonderful news. In addition to her weight, one of the most frequently asked questions about Sarah Snook is how tall she is—1.67 meters, to be exact.

In a recent interview with Vogue Australia, Snook boldly declared that she would no longer be dieting or working out to fit into the narrow beauty standards imposed on women by the film industry. Instead, she bravely chooses to defy them, proving that true beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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Sarah Snook Is Not Going to Adjust to ‘Unrealistic’ Standards

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Snook doesn’t have a specific style or be a fashion fanatic in real life, despite her on-screen persona of a highly stylish woman. Snook claims that she navigates the volatility of the entertainment world with equilibrium. She also once declared that “unrealistic beauty standards” that depress women were unacceptable to her.

Snook is renowned, but he’s not changed. A woman who has known the actress since 2011 described her as genuine, grounded, and a foodie. In addition, her friends characterize her as someone who defies Hollywood norms and believes in her abilities and worth. A friend said:

She is breathtakingly beautiful in person, yet she doesn’t fit the Hollywood “norm.” She must have needed time for the industry to catch up to her.

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Sarah Snook’s Pregnancy

Sarah Snook Weight Gain

Due to her weight gain, fans and the media began to speculate that Sarah Snook might be expecting. She lived up to everyone’s expectations by confirming the rumors during the season 4 premiere. As if that weren’t enough, Sarah Snook looked amazing at the premiere in a breathtaking black one-piece that hugged her body perfectly and flaunted her growing baby belly.

A day after the amazing season finale of the Succession series, Sarah Snook revealed that she and her husband, Dave Lawson, were expecting their first child together. In 2021, Sarah wed the Australian comedian Lawson. After being imprisoned in Melbourne during COVID in 2020, the two—who had been best friends since 2014—fell in love.


Australian actress Sarah Snook, known for her role in “Succession,” hails from Adelaide and graduated from NIDA in 2008. Her acclaimed performances in films and TV earned her multiple Australian awards. Fans speculated on her weight gain, suspecting pregnancy, and Sarah confirmed the news at the Season 4 premiere. She and her husband Dave Lawson shared the joy of expecting their first child after marrying in 2021.

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