Russell Crowe Weight Gain: Is the Hollywood Heartthrob Ashamed of His Body Weight?

Russell Crowe Weight Gain: Russell Crowe is a well-known actor. He was born in New Zealand but spent a big part of his childhood, about 10 years, in Australia. When he turned 21 years old, he moved to Australia for good.

He has received many awards for his acting, like an Academy Award, which is a really prestigious prize, and also two Golden Globe Awards and a British Academy Film Award.

Russell Crowe’s appearance in the movie “Unhinged” surprised many fans because he looked quite different, and some people even had trouble recognizing him. Some wondered if he gained weight on purpose for the role. However, this isn’t the first time the 59-year-old actor has gone through a significant transformation for his movies.

If you’re curious about Russell Crowe’s weight gain and want to know all the details, just keep reading the article. You’ll find out everything you need to know about how he changes his weight for different roles in movies.

Russell Crowe Weight Gain: How He Managed to Gain a Lot of Weight?

Russell Crowe Weight Gain

Over the years, Russell Crowe’s weight has significantly increased from his muscular appearance in the movie “Gladiator” back in 2000. People who know him well say that he’s been avoiding the reality of this weight gain.

Russell Crowe, who is now 59 years old, gained a lot of weight from his role as Roger Ailes in a movie about Fox News in 2019. Since then, he has continued to put on weight, according to those who are close to him.

They say that he’s actually quite satisfied with how he looks now and doesn’t pay much attention to comments that suggest otherwise.

One insider mentioned,

“Russell has been pretending that he hasn’t gained weight for a long time. Whenever the topic comes up, he gets very defensive and even has a strict rule that if someone mentions his weight three times, they’re out of his conversations.”

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Russell Crowe Weight Gain

His girlfriend, Britney Theriot, reportedly likes him just the way he is, but she does want him to be in the best health possible. “She’s waiting for the right time, hoping he’ll decide on his own to lose the extra weight,” the source revealed.

People close to him say that he’s not a fan of exercising and despite hiring trainers, he tends to ignore their advice and appointments.

“The same goes for his eating habits,” shared the person close to Crowe.

“Even though he has a personal chef who can prepare a variety of dishes, he mostly prefers burgers and fried foods.”

Recently, Crowe responded with a hint of annoyance to the numerous questions he receives about whether he’ll be returning to his role in a potential “Gladiator 2” movie.

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