Rita Moreno’s Candid Confessions On Plastic Surgery: ”There’s no plastic here”

Rita Moreno Plastic Surgery: Rita Moreno is an actress, dancer, and singer from Puerto Rico who now lives in America. she’s won all four big entertainment awards in North America: the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony.

She was also the first Hispanic woman to win an Oscar for her part in West Side Story as Anita. Even though she’s getting older, she still looks amazing, which has made some people wonder if she’s had plastic surgery. 

The truth behind Rita Moreno’s ageless beauty isn’t entirely clear. Some people think she might have had plastic surgery to look so good as she gets older. Let’s explore Rita Moreno Plastic Surgery journey.

Rita Moreno Plastic Surgery: Did She Undergo Cosmetic Procedures?

Rita Moreno Plastic Surgery: Did She Undergo Cosmetic Procedures?

After winning the Oscar, Rita Moreno’s career soared, making her one of the most talented and admired performers in showbiz. She appeared in many movies, TV series, and stage shows, and she won the other big awards too.

As Rita Moreno gracefully aged, some folks began to wonder how she kept her youthful look and flawless skin. Rumors of plastic surgery spread, with some suggesting she might have had facelifts, Botox injections, or other treatments to enhance her appearance. 

Moreno stated to People, she underwent a treatment involving ultraviolet light and acetone.

In those days they were giving you ultraviolet light, I guess to dry your skin out a little bit. I remember you had to scrub your skin really hard with a piece of gauze, because gauze is rough and a form of acetone. I know it’s shocking but that’s how oily I was.

The actress told People,

When I was in my teens and into my early 20s I had acne. I used to get those big purple jobs but not a lot of them, thank goodness because you really couldn’t see them in the films that I did.

Throughout her long career spanning many years, Moreno has received lots of praise for her roles in many big productions. Despite rumors, Rita Moreno strongly denies ever having plastic surgery. When asked how she stays young-looking, she credits her Puerto Rican heritage, saying her genes play a big part in keeping her youthful appearance.  

According to Closerweekly, she said:

“It’s Puerto Rican genes. I know it is. There’s no plastic here.” 

Rita also shared how unhappy she felt during the original filming of West Side Story. She revealed that the production team used makeup to darken her skin for the role, which made her uncomfortable. 

In an interview with the APnews, the actress said: 

I really resented it when they put very dark makeup on me because that’s not my color.

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Rita Moreno gained widespread recognition for her role in West Side Story, becoming the first Hispanic woman to win an Oscar. Despite her age, Moreno still looks youthful, sparking speculation about whether she’s had plastic surgery.

Although rumors have circulated, Moreno denies undergoing any cosmetic procedures. She attributes her ageless beauty to her Puerto Rican heritage and genetics. Moreno recalls using ultraviolet light and acetone treatment for acne in her youth but firmly denies plastic surgery.

She also expressed discomfort with makeup used to darken her skin for certain roles. Overall, Moreno credits her youthful appearance to her heritage and natural genetics, dismissing rumors of plastic surgery.

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