Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Does Her Weight Keep Changing?

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Rebel Wilson revealed on Instagram in January that she had put on some of the weight she had lost during her 2020 “Year of Health,” and she was candid with her followers about how this had affected her.

The celebrity, as you may recall, almost attained her target weight of 165 pounds a few years ago. More significantly, she appeared to be quite content with her new lifestyle.

In an open Instagram post, the 43-year-old actress stated that she feels self-conscious about gaining back some of the weight she lost, even though it shouldn’t happen. Rebel, who is stunning in the video she uploaded along with her statement, however, also said that she has been working very hard, including on an incredible memoir. Forward, Rebel!

Take a look back at the celebrity’s weight loss journey, including the strategies she used to reach her target weight and her current weight.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: Her Desire to Be a Mom Sparked

rebel wilson weight loss

Rebel suffers from PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, which can impair fertility. “You may have larger ovaries with surrounding follicles for the eggs. The ovaries may then stop functioning consistently, as per the Mayo Clinic.

She was informed that she would “do much better” and have a better chance of extracting and freezing her eggs if she reduced weight during a 2019 fertility specialist visit.

“I was shocked. “Oh God, this guy is so rude,” was my thought. He was accurate. I had a lot of extra weight on me,” Rebel said to People. It appears as though I neglected to consider my requirements. The requirements of a future child truly motivated me to change for the better.

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Rebel Wilson Weight Loss: She recently regained some of the weight she lost

rebel wilson weight loss

She recently put some of the weight she had lost back on. In an Instagram post from January 2024, Rebel disclosed that she had put 30 pounds back on.

“I’ve gained 14 kg (30 pounds) because of all the stress from working hard,” she wrote as the caption for a video and picture she posted online of herself relaxing in a boat’s hot tub. “It makes me feel self-conscious…It ought not to, yet it does.

Rebel did, however, express her pride in the work she’s doing on her memoir and upcoming films. She went on, “It’s just been a lot, and I’ve lost focus on my healthy lifestyle.”

Her followers left a ton of encouraging and supportive words in the post’s comments section. It’s challenging! Though we already liked you, don’t you think? Everyone is proud of you. One user commented, “You’re still hilarious & beautiful no matter what size.” Another person responded, “Your body is allowed to be comfortable.” Maintain your fitness and healthy lifestyle, but don’t forget to enjoy the small things in life that bring you joy. Your physique and weight don’t ultimately define who you are.

Later, Rebel added the following to the caption of her post: “This morning, when I woke up, I read all of your comments, and they made me cry. Many thanks to all of you!

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Rebel Has Denied Following the Mayr Method

rebel wilson weight loss

Rebel dispelled reports that she had been adhering to the Mayr technique, a diet based on the “Mayr Cure” developed by Austrian physician Dr. Franz Xaver Mayr than a century ago, following her rapid weight reduction. Mayr thought that the majority of people’s diets and eating habits were causing poisoning to their digestive systems. Therefore, improving digestion was the aim.

Rebel, however, confirmed that “this was NEVER my diet” in an Instagram Story. “Also have NEVER endorsed any diet pills or magic weight loss pills,” she stated. “Do NOT want anyone to get scammed.”

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She focuses on Eating More Protein These Days

rebel wilson weight loss

Rebel clarified that she eats a diet strong in protein. The actress revealed that she used to consume 3,000 calories a day in an interview with People.

“I used to be hungry even after eating 3,000 calories a day, mostly from carbohydrates,” the woman remarked. I used to not eat a lot of meat, so I’ve moved to a high-protein diet, which is difficult for me to maintain. I consume chicken breast, salmon, and fish.


Rebel Wilson, known for her weight loss journey, candidly shared on Instagram in January that she had regained 30 pounds due to work stress, expressing self-consciousness. Motivated by fertility concerns related to PCOS, she initially lost weight. Wilson denied following the Mayr Method and emphasized her focus on a protein-rich diet. Despite challenges, she received encouraging support from followers.

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