Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: Inside Her Journey with Medication, Diet, and Exercise

Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: There has always been criticism of Oprah Winfrey’s weight. The icon’s bodily journey has been documented in the media for as long as she has been well-known, appearing on magazine covers and in episodes of her popular talk show, which ran for 25 seasons.

According to Winfrey, “It was public sport to make fun of me for 25 years,” in this week’s cover story for PEOPLE. “I have been blamed and shamed, and I blamed and shamed myself.”

Early in her career, she experienced pain when she was included on the list of sardonic fashion critic Mr. Blackwell. “I was on the cover of some magazine and it said, ‘Dumpy, Frumpy and Downright Lumpy,'” reminisces the co-producer of the recently released movie The Color Purple. (Winfrey starred in the first movie released in 1985.) “I didn’t experience rage. I was depressed. I was offended. I pushed the guilt aside. I acknowledged that I was to blame.”

Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: How Did Oprah Lose Her Latest Weight?

oprah winfrey weight loss

Winfrey has dropped her latest weight by utilizing a weight-loss medicine with a nutritious diet and exercising. She told People the weight-loss medicine is only part of her regimen for maintaining a healthy weight. “I know everybody thought I was on it, but I worked so damn hard. I know that if I’m not also working out and cautious about all the other stuff, it doesn’t work for me,” she said.

The talk show presenter noted that she eats her last meal at 4 p.m., drinks a gallon of water a day, and employs the WeightWatchers principles of monitoring points. She’s also been trekking 3 to 5 miles every day and doing a 10-mile hike on weekends, stating that she’s been feeling “stronger, more fit and more alive” than she’s felt in years.

When asked about her makeover at the “The Color Purple” event, Winfrey didn’t even mention a weight-loss medicine. “It’s not one thing, it’s everything,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “I intend to keep it that way. … I was on that treadmill today.”

Raj commended Winfrey for underlining that weight-loss medicines need to be part of a holistic strategy. Studies that demonstrate positive results from these drugs involve people who are also consuming a good diet and exercising, she added.

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Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: Oprah’s History of Weight Loss

oprah winfrey weight loss

Winfrey has struggled with her weight for decades, famously shedding 67 pounds with a liquid diet in 1988 and then regaining the weight as soon as she “returned to real food,” she said on Oprah.com. In 1992, Winfrey reached 237 pounds, the most she ever weighed, she claimed during the “The State of Weight” panel discussion. She recalls feeling upset that no matter what she tried, her body constantly wanted to revert to a certain weight.

In 2019, Winfrey disclosed she was diagnosed with pre-diabetes before doing WW. She eventually shed 42 pounds with the program, getting her blood sugar and blood pressure back into normal ranges. She’s now 7 pounds away from her desired weight of 160 pounds, however, she told People it’s “not about the number” but about living “a more vital and vibrant life.”

As she approaches her 70th birthday, her No. 1 concern is her health, Winfrey said, noting she doesn’t live with a fear of death, but with “a conscious acknowledgment that it’s possible at any time.” “(I) recognize what an absolute miracle it is that 70 years on, that heart’s still pumping,” she remarked.

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Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss: How Does Oprah Exercise?

oprah winfrey weight loss

The cardio queen does more than simply hiking. She told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017 that she hits her home gym shortly after waking up. “I have a fantastic Octane elliptical machine that is like a power mover—you can increase the length of your stride and your arm movement,” she said. “I’ll do 20 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes walking on the treadmill. I start at the Level 3 inclination level and then every minute I add to the slope until I get to 12 or 15. And then I do sit-ups.”

After getting her heart rate up, Oprah said she’ll often cool down with 10 to 20 minutes of a walking or sitting meditation. Despite her dedication to fitness, Oprah still doesn’t enjoy working out. “Here’s the thing about exercise: I still hate it so much,” she remarked on Today in 2020, according to People. But, she continued, “I still do it.” “I think everyone’s waiting to love it,” she concluded. “You’re not going to love it, but you do the thing you need to do to make yourself feel whole and well.”


Oprah Winfrey, facing decades of public scrutiny about her weight, revealed her recent weight loss involved a weight-loss medicine, combined with a disciplined diet and exercise. She follows a regimen of early meals, and a gallon of water daily, and adheres to WeightWatchers principles. Oprah, who has struggled with weight throughout her life, emphasizes the importance of a holistic approach to weight loss, including a healthy lifestyle. Approaching her 70th birthday, she prioritizes health and vitality over a specific number on the scale. Oprah’s exercise routine includes cardio on an elliptical machine and treadmill, despite her admitted dislike for working out.

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