Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery: Understanding Her Plastic Surgery Journey 

Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery: Natalie Morales is a TV host and journalist. Many people recognize her because she hosts the Today Show on NBC. She’s also been on other NBC programs like Dateline NBC and NBC Nightly News. Plus, she’s part of the team hosting the show Behind Closed Doors with Natalie on Reelz. 

While at NBC News, Natalie stays fit by participating in her favorite sports: marathons and triathlons. Because of her active lifestyle, it’s not surprising that she shed her pregnancy weight quickly after giving birth, both times. 

Natalie Morales, who is 52 years old, looks younger than her age. Her face doesn’t give away her true age, leaving people curious about her beauty secret. Some wonder if it’s because of her makeup skills or if she’s had plastic surgery. 

In this article, we will find out if Natalie Morales’ Plastic Surgery rumor is true or not? 

Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery: Her Before & After Look

Natalie Morales Plastic Surgery: Her Before & After Look

As a public figure, Natalie Morales wants to keep up her appearance, which might include getting some plastic surgery now and then. This is pretty common among celebrities and regular folks alike. Natalie has been lucky to have lovely features since she was young, and she’s determined to hold onto that beauty as she ages. 

The journalist seems to opt for top-notch therapy to fight signs of aging on her face. If you compare her before and after photos, you’ll notice her skin looks tighter and stiffer than before. Her beauty doesn’t seem entirely natural, especially when you look at her skin tone and forehead area. It’s hard to believe a woman in her fifties could have a completely wrinkle-free face, sparking discussions about whether Natalie has had plastic surgery. 

In 2017, while hosting Access Hollywood, the 52-year-old TV star shared her plastic surgery experiences. She confessed to trying Botox once, which gave her an arched brow. Botox is well-known for smoothing out wrinkles, and it seems Morales used it to keep her youthful look intact. 

Natalie Morales’s face is smooth without any wrinkles, and her brow looks firm and flexible. The Today Show host also confessed to trying fillers in her smile lines once, but she didn’t repeat it. Additionally, it seems she’s had cheek fillers strategically placed. Judging by how she looks now, it’s evident she’s taken significant steps to combat signs of aging. 

Botox alone might not be enough to tackle drooping skin and wrinkles effectively. For deeper creases and folds, Natalie would likely need more extensive treatment. In Natalie’s case, her doctor probably targeted key areas like her temples, cheeks, and sides of the eyes with the facelift injections

From the results, it seems the TV personality has indeed benefited from a facelift, as her skin looks smoother and lacks the typical sagging seen in many women in their fifties. The combination of Botox injections and the facelift seems to have worked well for her, as her face looks natural and youthful without appearing old. 

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Natalie maintains a youthful appearance, sparking speculation about whether she has undergone plastic surgery procedures. Comparing before and after photos, it’s noted that Natalie’s skin appears tighter and smoother, raising suspicions of cosmetic interventions.

Natalie admitted to trying Botox once, resulting in an arched brow. She also experimented with fillers but didn’t repeat the procedure. Her smooth, wrinkle-free complexion suggests additional treatments beyond Botox, likely including a facelift targeting key areas like temples, cheeks, and sides of the eyes.

The combination of Botox and facelift procedures seems to have successfully rejuvenated Natalie’s appearance, making her look significantly younger without appearing unnatural. Overall, Natalie Morales’ plastic surgery journey, highlighting the various procedures she may have undergone to maintain her youthful look.

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