Mike Pompeo Shares His Weight Loss Journey: “I have battled weight loss my entire life.”

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss: Mike Pompeo is starting a healthier lifestyle as he welcomes the new year. The 58-year-old former Secretary of State disclosed in a recent interview with The New York Post that he dropped ninety pounds in just six months.

Pompeo claimed that in June 2021, he reached a breaking point when he stepped on the scale and noticed that, for the first time in his life, his weight had approached 300 pounds. The following morning, realizing he had to do something, he said to his wife Susan, “Today is the day.”

From there, the ex-White House employee equipped his basement with an elliptical and dumbbells for a home workout.

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss: How He Lost 90 Pounds in Six Months?

mike pompeo weight loss

The fact that the Trump administration is no longer in the White House does not mean that America will see less of Mike Pompeo. The former secretary of state is losing weight; he weighs ninety pounds less than when he was first introduced to the public.

The former director of the CIA has seen many difficult circumstances over his lengthy career, yet he is reluctant to discuss his weight reduction because of a persistent worry that he may gain back all the weight he has lost. But he explained how and why he did it in an exclusive interview with The Post.

It all began on June 14, 2021, when Pompeo realized, for the first time in his life, that he was only a few pounds shy of 300 on the scale. “I started eating right and exercising—not daily, but almost every day—and the weight just started to come off,” he added.

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Pompeo, 58, claimed to have spent money on an exercise machine and dumbbells for his basement gym, where The Post snapped him this week. I made an effort to visit that location five or six times a week and dedicate a half-hour or so to my work. Furthermore, that was not scientific. The trainer and dietician were nonexistent. It was just me.

When he was first elected to Congress in 2010 as a representative for Kansas, Pompeo said, the pressure began to mount. “However, the truth is that I have battled weight loss my entire life,” Pompeo claimed he needed to be in the appropriate state of mind to eventually become fit.

“For me, it’s about getting it right and being sufficiently disciplined,” he stated, explaining that up until this year, he had not applied this technique to his health but rather to all of the high-pressure jobs he has held in the government.

Mike Pompeo Weight Loss: From Cheeseburgers to Healthy Choices

mike pompeo weight loss

The cheeseburgers, carbohydrates, and sweets that accompanied him on lengthy international flights or stayed next to his computer while he worked late into the night were long gone. The former secretary now orders far healthier fare from IHOP instead of stacks of pumpkin pancakes covered in syrup, but the family’s dining habits haven’t changed despite the diet change.

“Our family still visits there; it’s crucial to preserve these customs. “Now we have turkey bacon and egg whites,” he remarked. “Our family gets together over meals. Being Italian, we enjoy gathering around a satisfying dinner of pasta, bread, cheese, and dessert. I’m going to be the person that says, “Yeah, I’ll have a salad,” but we’re still going to have these large meals with family and friends,” he said.

“I lost the higher part of ninety pounds in six months because it was a virtuous cycle rather than the vicious one I had been in.” The California native, who placed first in his class at West Point, claimed that he had previously used a foot condition as justification for not being able to reduce weight.

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mike pompeo weight loss

He added that nothing particular happened to his foot. “I put on almost a hundred pounds throughout 10, 11 years — years that coincided with my foot injury — so I told myself that was the reason I gained so much weight,” he said. “Just wore out, the joint.”

Many Americans can relate to his battle: Over the past five years, 41% of US adults have classified themselves as overweight, up from 36% over the previous five years, according to a January 2022 Gallup study. Gallup pointed out that their results are in direct opposition to federal health data, which indicate that approximately 75% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Pompeo stated he understood. “Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, no one wants to acknowledge that they have gained weight or are overweight.”

Many people speculated about his weight loss on social media, and Pompeo claimed that none of the remarks were very positive. He claimed, “The posts were pretty nasty or just inaccurate, speculating that I had cancer or some other health issue with my neck.”


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo revealed in an interview with The New York Post that he lost 90 pounds in six months, starting in June 2021. Motivated by reaching nearly 300 pounds, Pompeo adopted healthier habits, including exercise and an improved diet. Despite social media speculation, he emphasized the positive impact of his transformation.

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