Martin Lewis Reveal His Weight Loss Secret: “I just jump up from my seat and start walking around the room.” 

Martin Lewis Weight Loss: Martin Lewis, a well-known financial journalist and broadcaster, has made a name for himself by providing valuable advice on saving money. However, he recently surprised his audience by sharing a personal update about a hobby that has been helping him both physically and mentally.

Despite his successful career and public persona, Martin has admitted to experiencing stress and “dark days” due to the demands of his various roles. Yet, he recently opened up about a strategy that has been making a positive impact on his well-being: weight loss.

In addition to his financial expertise, Martin Lewis has been offering advice on how to shed pounds and improve overall health. Let’s take a closer look at his approach to weight loss and how it may benefit others.

Martin Lewis Weight Loss: How He Lost Six Pounds and Helps Others with Weight Loss

Martin Lewis Weight Loss: How He Lost Six Pounds Also Help Others?

Martin Lewis, who’s really good at saving money, talked about something surprising – how he’s been losing weight and feeling better.

Instead of giving money tips, he shared a trick for losing weight that’s been working great for him. He wrote about it on Money Saving Expert (MSE). He’s been really into step challenges, and it’s not only helping him lose weight but also making him feel happier.

According to his blog, He said: 

“Welcome to my seventh annual steps blog, written as a permanent record for me, and because I know many people who’ve read past versions have taken up and enjoyed their own step challenges.

For the past year, Martin’s been walking a lot, like around 24,630 steps every day. He does it while he’s on the phone, walking to work, or even during online meetings. 

According to ECHO, He said: 

“If I can’t get outside to walk, then I either walk around and around my office, or go downstairs and walk on the treadmill. In fact, it’s now instinctive that if the phone rings and I’m sitting down, I jump up before I answer it, even if it’s a friend in the evening, I just jump up from my seat and start walking around the room.” 

All this walking has helped him lose weight and feel better mentally. He shared his step count and how many calories he burns on Twitter, asking others to join him.

“I averaged 24,630 steps a day (burning 3,886 calories) in 2022 – here’s how…” 

People following him on Twitter shared their own stories too. One person said they lost a lot of weight by standing up more during phone calls and making other small changes to their lifestyle, like drinking less alcohol and eating fewer carbs. 

Like you I prefer being stood up and moving around when on the phone. I found myself feeling unhealthy last summer. Dropped booze, walked at least 4.5 miles a day and minimised carb intake. Lost 2 stone (13 to 11) in about 12 weeks. Felt much better.”

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Has Martin Lewis Really Lost His Weight?

Martin Lewis talked about how he lost six pounds during the COVID-19 lockdown. He said it was because he exercised, ate healthy, and handled stress better. He shared his exercise routine, like running on a treadmill and lifting weights, because he was worried about his lungs and walking less.

In an interview with Hello magazine, He said: 

“I’ve lost about six pounds. A mix of massively exercising (home treadmill and free weights) especially cardio out of lung capacity paranoia (I ran 330km in April, prior record 225) and to make up for lost walking steps. Combine that with healthy eating and a huge dose of stress.” 

And when people asked about his stress, Martin explained that he’s stressed because he has lots of work. He helps lots of people with money problems and has other things to do.

“Reading messages from thousands of desperate people, working 24/7 to help, feeling guilty every time I can’t, while doing my day job, a new live crisis TV show, managing my normal charity, & starting my coronavirus poverty fund from scratch. I said stressed not in trouble.” 

Even though it’s hard, Martin still wants to help people with their money. He keeps giving advice on shows like This Morning and films his TV show from home with his wife Lara’s help. 

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Martin Lewis, surprised many by talking about his weight loss journey. Despite his busy life, he’s been open about facing stress and tough times. But recently, he’s found a new way to improve his well-being: losing weight.

Instead of just focusing on finances, Martin shared his weight loss strategy on Money Saving Expert (MSE). He’s been doing lots of walking, around 24,630 steps every day. He fits it in during phone calls, on his way to work, or even during online meetings. And it’s not just him; many people have shared their own success stories, like losing weight by standing more during phone calls or making small lifestyle changes.

Martin’s dedication to walking has paid off – he’s lost weight and feels mentally better. During the COVID-19 lockdown, Martin lost six pounds by exercising, eating healthy, and managing stress better.

Despite the challenges, Martin remains committed to helping people with their finances, appearing on shows like This Morning and filming his TV show from home with his wife’s support.

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