Mandy Dingle Talks About Gaining Weight: ” I did that to myself.”

Mandy Dingle Weight Gain: The role Lisa Riley played as Mandy Dingle in the ITV serial opera Emmerdale made her a famous English actress and television personality. In a guest appearance, she made her debut as Mandy Dingle in 1995. However, once the role gained popularity, she was asked to return on a full-time basis. Over the next four years, until 2001, she established herself as a series mainstay.

From 1998 to 2002, Lisa Riley took over as host of You’ve Been Framed! from Jeremy Beadle. She was a panelist on the ITV daytime series Loose Women and participated in the tenth season of Strictly Come Dancing. 2019 saw Lisa make her Emmerdale comeback as Mandy Dingle.

Although fans were glad to see her again, many couldn’t shake the impression that the actress was dressed as obese in the series. There were even those who believed she was wearing padding since she appeared somewhat “fat.” Upon discovering that she wasn’t, curiosity over her weight increase grew. Many were also curious as to how she had gained so much weight in the first place given her recent weight loss. Find out more about Lisa Riley’s increase in weight!

Mandy Dingle Actress’ Weight Gain: Fans Think Lisa Riley is Wearing a Fat Suit or Padding in Emmerdale!

Mandy Dingle Weight Gain

The news of Lisa Riley’s (@lisajaneriley) weight loss recently made headlines, as did Mandy Dingle from Emmerdale. She experienced a dramatic metamorphosis and upheaval of lifestyle. This created interest among her admirers in her weight increase in addition to raising questions about how she lost weight and other related topics. They were curious as to how she came to put on so much weight in the first place.

We were used to seeing a larger, more distinct version of Mandy Dingle. Not to put too fine a point on it, but a lot of Emmerdale watchers believed she was wearing a fat suit. Some thought she was using padding because, well, she “looked so fat.” People are still perplexed as to why she appeared so large even if her appearance has changed. They’re curious about Lisa Riley’s recent weight increase.

It has been stated that Lisa Riley changed dramatically after losing 12 stone. She dropped in size from a size 28 to a size 12. Her size was 28. How could she have been so large? What took place? Why did she put on so much weight? Why did she gain so much weight that some thought she was wearing a fat suit when she played Mandy Dingle? Her supporters were curious to know whether there was a backstory.

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Mandy Dingle Weight Gain

As it happened, the story isn’t compelling. The actress has talked a lot about losing weight, but not so much about her weight gain. All she mentioned was that she used to eat a lot in the past. She disclosed that she used to acquire weight since she didn’t exercise much and consumed a lot of junk food and takeout. Regarding how she initially became so large, she remarked,

“Nobody made me eat 50 Twix bars or a whole packet of sausages in one sitting. I did that to myself. No one made me not go to the gym. Some weeks I was probably having seven takeaways a week. I did that to myself. I have to take responsibility for that.”

With agonizing folds of skin weighing more than 1.5 stone, Lisa Riley was so enormous that even after losing weight over 18 months, she was unable to fully let go of her weight increase. She regretted ever letting that happen. The actress, who also plays Mandy Dingle, claimed she felt like a “saggy mess.”

Surgery was required to remove the 1.5 stones of extra skin that remained on her like a constant reminder of her dramatic weight gain. In an interview, she stated,

“People seem to forget just how big I was. I lost twelve stone and one pound after the skin was removed. One stone, or four pounds, was sliced off by the surgeon. My weight has remained relatively constant since then.”

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Mandy Dingle Weight Gain

When Lisa Riley decided to reverse her weight increase and lose weight, she never imagined that she would have that kind of droopy condition. She was sick of Emmerdale viewers speculating about whether she was padded out or wearing a fat costume to play Mandy Dingle. However, she would have accepted that above anything else given the mess she had after losing the weight. She would have preferred to remain fat.

“I never in my wildest dreams thought I would look like that when I decided to lose weight. I never imagined that the skin elasticity would be so severe. Why in the world have I lost so much weight, I wondered. Compared to my obese days, I looked terrible. And it is also the hurt. The skin was dangling and fluttering.”

With no other option, our Mandy Dingle had to have the extra skin removed surgically. Thus, Lisa Riley underwent that procedure and has since lost the droopy mess. She has lost all traces of that enormous weight gain now.


Lisa Riley, renowned for her role as Mandy Dingle in Emmerdale, faced scrutiny over her weight gain on the show. Fans speculated she wore padding or a fat suit. Lisa had previously lost 12 stone but struggled with excess skin, leading to surgery. She regretted her past unhealthy lifestyle but successfully addressed the issue, undergoing a procedure to remove the extra skin, ultimately overcoming the challenges associated with her weight loss journey.

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