Lisa Millar Weight Loss: Behind the Scenes of Her Fitness Journey!

Lisa Millar Weight Loss: Alongside Michael Rowland, Lisa Millar is a well-known journalist and television news presenter who co-hosts ABC’s morning show News Breakfast. She was previously an ABC News international correspondent stationed in Washington, DC, and London. In the late 1990s, she started working for ABC as a political reporter, covering Pauline Hanson’s ascent to prominence and the emergence of her party, One Nation. Later on, she also worked as a reporter for ABC Radio in Queensland. She was a frequent pundit on Queensland matters on 702 ABC Sydney.

From 2001 to 2005, Lisa Millar worked as ABC’s North American correspondent, stationed in Washington. She went back to Washington once more in 2009, this time as the North American Bureau Chief for ABC. She spent six years in that role. She took Philip Williams‘ place as the bureau chief of ABC’s London bureau in April 2015. She started working for ABC as a roaming reporter and presenter in October 2018. While Virginia Trioli was on leave, she co-hosted News Breakfast two months later. She was permanently replaced by her as the show’s co-host in August 2019. All right, let’s discuss her weight loss!

Lisa Millar’s Weight Loss Could Be Due to a Strict Diet and Exercise Routine!

It looks like Lisa Millar (@lisamillartv) has lost a significant amount of weight. She has lost weight and grown a more defined, scaled figure, as you can see. Her arms are toned, her waist is smaller, and her legs are more defined. Moreover, she has gained strength and form. Although she hasn’t made her weight loss ambitions public, she has definitely altered her diet and workout schedule.

The co-host of ABC News Breakfast has already talked about her erratic enthusiasm in working out. She said at the time, “I am so inconsistent. I think I’ve only gone for daily walks of 45 minutes this week.” In other weeks, she could squeeze in a Pilates class, a tennis lesson, or a Saturday morning park run. She has previously battled an extreme fitness addiction, finishing half marathons and triathlons. She continued, “I don’t know what makes me go on this roller-coaster of exercise.”

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However, Lisa Millar is astute and even has a few tips. The first is to make an appointment. “I have to commit,” the woman said. I wouldn’t be really interested in going for a 16-kilometer run after work if you suggested it to me. However, if you suggested that we register for a charitable half-marathon where all proceeds would benefit ill children, I would say, “Yes, please, I’ll be there.” “Where do I register?” She has probably come to the realization that “it gets done” if she committed. It’s difficult for me to leave the house if I’m by myself and lack motivation.”

Another tip is to maintain social interactions. She’ll be more likely to appreciate it that way, which will make sticking with it simpler. “A lot of the exercise I’ve done has had that social connection,” the woman said, referring to both half-marathon training and ParkRun. I’ve done it with pals every time. I’ve never committed to anything on my own.”

Lisa Millar is not bothered about public acclaim; she required the company of people in order to enjoy exercising. She insisted it doesn’t matter if she isn’t very good at any of the exercises she tries. “I’m not too bothered,” she stated. I don’t care that I’m not particularly good at any of those exercises, despite what I say on the one hand. It doesn’t bother me. I’m not doing this for other people.

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Lisa Millar has not disclosed her weight loss and fitness regimen. Although she hasn’t even acknowledged her significant change, her workout routines may offer some insight. Considering how irregular she used to be with exercise, you might not be too surprised to learn that she used to appear quite flabby. Her mood has a complete bearing on how long she spends working out. She isn’t overly committed to it or passionate about it. So how, in spite of her inconsistent behavior, did the ABC host manage to lose weight?

I mean, she can’t really be the secret to such an amazing change if she alternates weeks of going for daily walks of 45 minutes and weeks filled with tennis lessons, Pilates classes, or ParkRun. She acknowledged that she had become severely addicted to working out during the previous few years, participating in numerous half-marathons and triathlons, which may have contributed to her weight reduction. that she tends to exercise more often than not. Lisa Millar is also driven to run marathons by something.

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I have no idea what motivates me to exercise in such an unpredictable way. I must make a commitment. I wouldn’t be really interested in going for a 16-kilometer run after work if you suggested it to me. However, if you suggested that we register for a charity half-marathon with all proceeds going to support sick children, I would immediately say, “Yes, please, I’ll be there.” Where can I register? It gets done if I commit to it. It’s difficult for me to leave the house if I’m by myself and lack the motivation.

Lisa Millar may have lost weight as a result of her charitable activities in the past few months. Another way to put it would be that she may have been socializing more than normal because

Whether I’m preparing for a half marathon or ParkRun, a lot of the exercise I’ve done has a social component. I’ve done it with pals every time. I’ve never committed to anything on my own.


ABC News Breakfast co-host Lisa Millar has undergone a noticeable weight loss transformation. While she hasn’t publicly disclosed her regimen, her irregular but committed exercise routine, including half-marathons and triathlons, coupled with a social approach to fitness, likely contributed. Lisa emphasizes the importance of commitment and social interactions to stay motivated in her fitness journey.

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