Laz Alonso Reveals 40-Pound Weight Loss Transformation for ‘The Boys’ Season Four!

Laz Alonso’s look has noticeably evolved during his time on Amazon Prime’s “The Boys,” and he recently opened up about the transformation. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Alonso shared that he lost nearly 40 pounds to prepare for the most recent season.

“When I first started the show, I was on a caloric surplus because I wanted to look like the comic book version of my character,” Alonso explained. “But by season three, which we shot during and after COVID, I had gained so much weight I looked like an inflated version of the comic.”

Alonso’s weight gain was partly due to the convenience of food delivery apps, which made it easy for him to indulge in his favorite foods. He admitted to frequently ordering pizza and burgers, even discovering the best spots in Toronto. The weight gain went unnoticed by him until he saw the promotional posters for the show.

As season four approached, Alonso had a conversation with the show’s writer, Eric Kripke, who mentioned that his character, Mother’s Milk, would be undergoing a significant transformation. This motivated Alonso to make a change himself.

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Alonso’s weight loss journey began with adjusting his daily eating habits. His typical morning starts with electrolytes and some form of caffeine, with matcha being his favorite. For breakfast, he eats egg whites with rice, which he likens to oatmeal.

Beyond breakfast, Alonso avoids carbs as much as possible. Instead, he opts for snacks like nuts and enjoys almond butter or peanut butter. For his sweet tooth, he discovered sugar-free ice cream, which allows him to indulge without the guilt.

“The diet is definitely the hardest part of losing weight,” Alonso admitted. “I’m a foodie, so giving up some of my favorite foods has been tough. But I try to be mindful and find a balance.”

Alonso’s commitment to transforming his body for the role reflects his dedication to his craft and his health. Despite the challenges, he has embraced the journey and found ways to make healthier choices while still enjoying his love for food.

His transformation not only benefits his character on “The Boys” but also sets a positive example of how to approach weight loss and healthy living with balance and mindfulness.

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