Lauren Graham Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumors: “I have an interest in looking good”

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery: Lauren Graham, known for her role as Lorelai Gilmore on “Gilmore Girls,” has been praised for her youthful appearance since the early 2000s.

When the show debuted in 2000, Graham was 33, but she could easily pass as her onscreen daughter’s older sister. Even after over two decades, she still impresses fans with her youthful looks.

However, Graham has faced rumors about plastic surgery, with many wondering if she’s had procedures to enhance her appearance and look younger. Despite these rumors, Graham has continued to succeed in the entertainment industry. 

Today, we’ll explore some of the plastic surgery speculations surrounding her and how she’s navigated them over the years. 

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Any Cosmetic Procedures?

Lauren Graham Plastic Surgery: Has She Had Any Cosmetic Procedures?

Over time, many people have wondered if Lauren Graham had surgery to change her appearance. Fans even talked openly about it. Back in 2022, some fans on Reddit discussed if she had cosmetic procedures before filming “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.” Most users thought she did.

One person on Reddit said, 

“Yes, she obviously had fillers and it has not settled down when she filmed AYITL so it looked very puffy,”

Another person said;

“It is such a shame because it was really distracting. While watching the revival her face was all I could focus on.” 

But Lauren Graham has talked about getting older. In November 2022, Time magazine shared bits from Graham’s book, “Have I Told You This Already.” It talked about how she sees aging.

She said she only realized she was getting older when she broke her foot and wrist. She also talked about Nora Ephron, who wrote about aging. Lauren said it’s hard because only makeup artists know what surgeries celebrities have had, but they won’t say.

Even though Lauren Graham hasn’t confirmed if she had surgery, she might consider it someday. She talked about it on “The Kelly Clarkson Show.” She said aging is a gift but also talked about the double standards women face.

But back in 2011, Lauren Graham said she didn’t plan to change her looks. 

I don’t ever plan to do it, but I don’t know how I would feel.”

She told (via CNN) , that she’s scared of not looking like herself. She said she’s been successful without being a beauty icon, so she might just rely on her personality.

I have an interest in looking good, but I have a fear of not looking like myself. I’ve had much more success than I ever thought, not being iconic in the beauty sense, so maybe I’ll just continue to rest on my personality.” 

In 2016, Graham was on “Ellen” and talked about trying cryotherapy, a beauty treatment that’s said to slow down aging. She was really into it!

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Lauren Graham has always looked young. People have wondered if she had surgery to stay that way. Some fans on Reddit thought she got fillers before filming the show’s revival. They said her face looked different and distracting.

But Lauren Graham has talked about aging. She wrote a book where she shared her thoughts. She mentioned how aging hit her when she broke her foot and wrist. She also talked about how makeup artists know what surgeries celebrities get but won’t say.

She hasn’t said if she had surgery, but she might consider it one day. She talked about aging on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and said women face double standards. 

She tried cryotherapy, a treatment to look younger, and liked it. Despite people talking about her looks, Lauren Graham focuses on her career and how to deal with getting older in Hollywood. 

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