Julia Roberts Weight Gain: A Lesson in Self-Acceptance and Resilience

Julia Roberts Weight Gain: Julia Fiona Roberts is a famous American actress known for starring in many different kinds of movies.

All her movies combined have made more than $3.9 billion worldwide, which means many people watch them. This makes her one of the most reliable and popular actors in Hollywood. 

She also has her own production company called Red Om Films. With this company, she helps make movies and shows, sometimes even being the boss behind the scenes as an executive producer.

Some people think Julia Roberts has put on a lot of weight in the past few years. People who have followed her since the start of her career have noticed that her body has changed. They’re curious about why this has happened.

We’re here to give you all the details you need about Julia Roberts Weight Gain.

Julia Roberts Weight Gain: Explaining Why She Changed

Julia Roberts Weight Gain: Explaining Why She Changed

Julia Roberts said she put on weight during filming for her new movie Eat Pray Love. She confessed that she couldn’t resist the delicious Italian food in Rome where they were shooting. According to the Daily Star, she admitted to gaining seven pounds during her time there. 

She said;

I’ve always been a friend of food. I probably put on about seven pounds in Rome when we were shooting,”

Julia Roberts also mentioned that she is not pressured to stay thin because she’s an actress.

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Recently, some people have noticed a change in Julia Robert’s body, speculating about weight gain. Roberts attributed her weight gain during “Eat Pray Love” filming to enjoying the delicious Italian food in Rome, where they were shooting.

She admitted to gaining about seven pounds during that time. However, she emphasized that she doesn’t feel pressured to maintain a certain weight because of her profession as an actress.

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