Joanna Page Weight Gain: Exploring the Buzz and Baby Bump Speculations

Joanna Page Weight Gain: In the realm of celebrity speculation, the recent noticeable weight gain of acclaimed Welsh actress Joanna Page has ignited a flurry of theories among avid fans, particularly those devoted to the beloved television show Gavin & Stacey. As whispers circulate, the rumor mill is abuzz with speculation about the possibility of Joanna Page expecting another child.

Known for her exceptional talent and captivating performances, the gifted actress has long held a special place in the hearts of audiences. Now, with fans eagerly dissecting every detail of her appearance, the question on everyone’s lips is whether this transformation is a result of impending motherhood.

In this exploration of Joanna Page’s recent weight gain, we delve into the intriguing world of celebrity speculation, dissecting the rumors surrounding a potential pregnancy and unraveling the mysteries behind this unexpected development in the actress’s public persona.

Joanna Page Weight Gain: Did Joanna Page Undergo Weight Gain?

joanna page weight gain

Welsh-born actress Joanna Louise Page, best known for playing Stacey Shipman in the BAFTA-winning sitcom Gavin & Stacey, is also a presenter. Her skills are not just confined to television; she has also starred in movies like Love Actually and co-hosted the BBC One program Shop Well for Less.

With her portrayal of Dora Spenlow in the 1999 “David Copperfield” adaption, Joanna Page’s career took off. In the romantic comedy Love Actually from 2003, she played Just Judy, and the part kept her viewers impressed. In addition to her acting career, Page starred in a 2001 BBC drama called The Cazalets, which was set during World War II.

In August 2021, Joanna Page surprised her followers by revealing that she and her spouse, James Thornton, were expecting their fourth child, despite rumors that she had gained weight. The couple, who already have two boys, Kit, who is five years old, and Noah, who is four years old, and a daughter, Eva, who is seven years old, shared their happiness on social media.

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joanna page weight gain

“This is a pleasant surprise!” was the caption on Page’s Twitter post, which included a picture of her grinning under a white summer dress that elegantly displayed her baby belly. There will be a fourth baby soon! The holiday season is likely to be extremely busy.”

Joanna Page’s happiness is contagious. She posted a cute picture of herself on Instagram, looking happy and excited as she playfully pulled up her colorful jumper to show off her growing baby belly. As they celebrated the upcoming birth of her newest little bundle of joy, her followers expressed their delight and best wishes. She gave birth to her fourth child, a young girl named Boe Willow Russell, later in December.

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joanna page weight gain

Joanna Page fell in love with an English actor named James Thornton. The pair initially came into contact while filming the 1999 television series “David Copperfield.” Page’s friend Maxine Peake, who was collaborating with Thornton on a theater version of The Cherry Orchard, introduced them. Since then, Joanna and James have developed a devoted and solid friendship that has led to the expansion of their family.

In conclusion, fans have speculated about Joanna Page’s sudden weight increase, with many thinking that the actress is pregnant once more. Renowned for her iconic performance in “Gavin & Stacey” and her multifaceted acting career, Page never fails to make people smile on a global scale.


Welsh actress Joanna Page’s recent weight gain sparked pregnancy rumors, intriguing fans of “Gavin & Stacey.” Known for her talent and roles in films like Love Actually, she surprised followers by announcing her fourth child with her husband James Thornton in August 2021. The couple, already parents to three children, joyfully shared the news on social media. Joanna Page gave birth to a girl, Boe Willow Russell, in December, reaffirming the delightful reason behind her noticeable transformation.

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