Jackass Star Steve-O to Get Breast Implants for Hilarious New Comedy Bit!

Steve-O, the charismatic daredevil known from the “Jackass” series, is taking his commitment to comedy to new heights — or rather, new proportions. In a recent episode of the “X5” podcast, the 50-year-old revealed his unconventional plan to undergo breast augmentation as part of a comedic stunt.

The idea, as Steve-O explained, has been brewing for years. It involves him getting breast implants and then filming a series of hidden camera pranks and endurance stunts while in various disguises. The punchline? Revealing his true identity midway through, turning the absurdity up to “quintessential Steve-O” levels.

“I’ve been so particularly in love with that idea because the comedy, the opportunity for comedy I believe is absolutely there, and it’s like the quintessential Steve-O — that level of commitment.”

Steve shared enthusiastically.

Already in motion, Steve-O has secured a surgery appointment and consulted with medical professionals to ensure the procedure’s safety. His timeline is brief: two months with the implants, followed by removal. Concerns about potential long-term effects were addressed with his doctors, who assured him of a smooth recovery post-removal.

“I spoke with the doctors, and I said to them candidly, ‘The one thing I’m really freaked out about, and bummed out about, and would back out of this over, is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterwards.’ You know, it’s going under the muscle, and the doctors are completely unfazed, like, ‘Two months, it comes out, absolutely no issue.’”

he reassured.

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Recovery from breast augmentation, as noted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, generally spans six to eight weeks. However, many patients begin to feel back to normal within about a week after surgery.

Known for his fearless approach to physical stunts and body modifications, such as his prominent back tattoo and unconventional butt piercing, Steve-O sees this latest endeavor as a natural extension of his artistic expression.

“I’ve always been a body modification guy, like with my back tattoo, with my butt piercing — body modification has been part of my f–king deal, it’s been a lane in my art since the beginning,” he affirmed. “And this level of commitment to this bit, how nuts it is — I believe in it, and I’m gonna go ahead and do it.”

This isn’t the first time Steve-O has flirted with the idea of cosmetic surgery for comedic effect. In a previous discussion with Doctor Mike in 2022, he touched on the personal and artistic motivations behind such a decision.

“There’s a healthy dose of ‘my body, my choice’ in there, which I believe in,” he reflected. “There’s some straight curiosity that as a heterosexual man who identifies as male – does [getting] a boob job mean I can’t post pictures on Instagram with my shirt off?”

Jackass Star Steve-O to Get Breast Implants for Hilarious New Comedy Bit

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Since his debut on MTV’s “Jackass,” where he joined forces with Johnny Knoxville and other fearless pranksters, Steve-O has become synonymous with extreme stunts and boundary-pushing comedy. The franchise’s success spawned several spinoff movies, cementing his status as a cult icon.

Reflecting on his career and persona, Steve-O’s memoir, “A Hard Kick in the Nuts: What I’ve Learned from a Lifetime of Terrible Decisions,” delves into his journey from daring stunts to personal revelations.

As he gears up for his latest theatrical venture — this time involving silicone — Steve-O remains undeterred by skepticism, embracing the sheer audacity of his comedic vision. For fans and critics alike, his upcoming breast augmentation stint promises to be a spectacle that blends shock value with humor, all in the name of pushing the boundaries of entertainment.

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