Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery: A Deep Dive Into Celebrity Transformations

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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery

ivanka trump plastic surgery

Thanks to her father Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Ivanka Trump has gained greater notoriety lately, and many women are taking note. They specifically want to copy her appearance. According to Nightline, more and more women are undergoing plastic surgery to try and resemble Ivanka. The news program followed Tiffany Taylor and Jenny Stuart, two ladies from Texas, as they attempted to resemble the businesswoman and reality TV personality by spending thousands of dollars on makeup.

Stuart, 36, is a recruiter for employment, and he is supporting Hillary Clinton, whereas Taylor, 33, is an oil and gas consultant with three children who is voting for Donald Trump. Taylor claims that Ivanka is her “idol,” and she has spent over $60,000 on liposuction, cheek injections, a “mini” eyelift, breast augmentation, and two rhinoplasties in an attempt to look like her. She advises against passing judgment before giving it a try and remarks that she now sees “absolute stunning perfection” in the mirror.

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ivanka trump plastic surgery

Stuart underwent surgery to resemble Ivanka even though her 6-year-old daughter and her friends were against the notion. Her total expenditure for liposuction, a Brazilian butt lift, a nose operation, breast augmentation, and facial filler injections was $30,000.

According to Boca Raton, Florida facial plastic and reconstructive physician Jacob D. Steiger, MD, requests from patients wishing to resemble certain celebrities are extremely prevalent for plastic surgeons. “People are seeing their favorite celebrities more frequently as social media usage grows,” he says. “Every day, we receive requests from patients who wish to have the features of their favorite celebrities.” According to him, some patients will even request particular treatments that they are aware their favorite celebrities have undergone.

However, Steiger asserts that when someone claims they genuinely want to appear like a star, it’s critical to have reasonable expectations. “Achieving natural results, where we enhance a person’s features, is the key to good plastic surgery,” he says. “It is important for potential patients to know that the amount of change they can achieve is limited.” But most people get this, he continues, and are content with the outcome—even if they don’t turn out to be the replica of their favorite star.

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According to Daniel Maman, M.D. of 740 Park Plastic Surgery, many patients—especially those seeking breast augmentation—bring in pictures of superstars they aspire to resemble. Maman concurs. He states, “I always set realistic expectations for my patients.” He states, “I need to explain the differences and understand what she likes about the photo and then relate it to her case if a patient brings in a supermodel who is six feet tall and she is five feet tall.”

But according to Maman, his main objective is to satisfy patients. He states, “Whether it’s a better version or looking a little different, I want them to look and feel better about themselves.” It does not follow, however, that people cannot choose to look differently. Although most people, according to Steiger, aspire to look better versions of themselves, modifications must appear natural on the individual. “Things that are overdone or attract excessive attention can be distracting and scream ‘plastic surgery,'” he explains. “We like people to appear to be the best versions of themselves.”


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