Frankie Grande Reveals Dramatic Post-Surgery Look: ‘New Nose. Who Dis?

Frankie Grande, Ariana Grande’s brother, recently shared a photo of himself looking bruised and bandaged after undergoing plastic surgery on his nose. The 41-year-old Big Brother alum posted the selfie on Instagram over the weekend, showing his face completely bruised and bandaged, with two black eyes and an ear guard.

Captioning the photo with, “New nose. Who dis? 👃🏼,” Grande tagged facial plastic surgeon Dr. Thomas Romeo III who is based in New York. Though he looked like he had been in a fight, Grande had actually undergone rhinoplasty to alter the appearance of his nose, which worried many of his followers at first glance.

“Frankie I was worried you got into a fight for a few seconds 😭 feel better!” commented Big Brother alum Joseph Abdin. Taylor Hale, Big Brother winner, added, “You just had me worried omg.”

Ariana Grande supported her brother in the comment section, writing, “perfect in all ways, always !!!!🧸🌱.” Fellow Big Brother alum Britney Haynes wrote, “You look great sweetie,” while Derek Frazier commented, “PERFECTION 😍.”

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On Monday, Grande posted more selfies from his trip to New York City. In most of the photos, he wore a full face of makeup to conceal the bruising, although his new nose was still taped up. “Took my new nose out to see New York. She loved The Wiz,” he captioned the post.

Grande has been open about his struggles with addiction to alcohol and pills, and his journey to self-love. In a December 2019 interview with ET, he discussed his mental health practices. “Every day I wake up. I pray, I meditate,” he said.

“I have a core group of people and friends that I send gratitude lists to every single morning, just to start myself off the day in a place of love and gratitude and to remind myself that my primary purpose on this planet is to just be loving, to make other people smile and to go through the whole day in a place of giving.”

Frankie continued.

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Grande, who is married to Hale Leon, emphasized how his family has supported him throughout his recovery journey. “They were the ones who really just put me on the road of recovery — like literally, like physically,” he detailed.

“They were like, ‘This is where you’re going.’ And I did. And then I think we’ve all grown together. I think as my journey of self-love has begun, it is also reflected in my sister, reflected in mother, reflected in my grandmother. I feel like we all just kind of started growing up all together because we had to.”

he furthur expressed.

He continued:

“When any dynamic, any relationship, when one person changes, the other person has to change. It’s not like anything can stay the same once somebody makes such a drastic shift to become sober. I think we all grew together. And we all help each other, all the time.”

Grande’s candidness about his struggles and the support of his family highlights the importance of mental health and self-love. Despite the initial shock of his post-surgery appearance, his positive outlook and the encouragement from his loved ones show that he is on a path of recovery and self-improvement.

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