Fern Britton Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Journey: “I needed to get healthy, I wasn’t unhappy the way I was”

Fern Britton Weight Loss: Fern Britton is a TV host and author. She’s been on big shows like This Morning and Ready Steady Cook. People like her because she’s great on screen and her books are enjoyable to read. People find her shows entertaining and her books captivating. Since 2010, Fern Britton has released many successful novels, along with books of short stories and non-fiction.

Fern Britton’s weight loss journey has left fans in awe. The 67-year-old Celebrity Big Brother star achieved a remarkable transformation, shedding an impressive 5st and slimming down from a size 22 to a size 12. But how did she do it?

Fern’s success is down to a combination of exercise, motivation, and dedication to her diet plan. She didn’t just rely on one method but instead put in the effort on multiple fronts. Let’s dive into the details of how Fern Britton accomplished her weight loss journey.

Fern Britton Weight Loss: How Did She Lose 5 Stone Weight?

Fern Britton Weight Loss: How Did She Lose 5 Stone Weight?

Fern Britton has impressed everyone with her remarkable weight loss journey over the past few years, shedding a remarkable 5 stones. The TV host, now a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother, went from a size 22 to a size 12, leaving everyone curious: how did she achieve such a transformation? 

Fern Britton proudly flaunted her amazing weight loss makeover on Thursday after finishing her Couch to 5K program. The 67-year-old TV host posted a stunning selfie in front of a mirror for her 100K Instagram followers.

In recent interviews, Fern Britton has been talking openly about her recent weight loss. The 67-year-old revealed that she has gone from a size 22 to a size 12, shedding an impressive five stone. 

To achieve this, Fern concentrated on her diet, cutting down on carbohydrates and opting for a more balanced eating plan. The author also mentioned that Fern credited a gastric band for her transformation. 

Moreover, Fern reduced her carbohydrate intake and eliminated microwave meals from her diet. She chose to prepare more homemade meals and incorporated additional fruits and vegetables into her diet.

She told The DailyMail,

“I needed to get healthy, I wasn’t unhappy the way I was; I was unhealthy. I needed to get healthy,

I’d been recovering from having children, having a divorce, all those emotional things.” 

Fern admitted she wanted to be transparent about her weight loss journey and confessed to having a gastric band fitted. Fern mentioned that some people accused her of “lying” about how she had lost weight. 

She told Dailymail,

‘I hadn’t lied. No one ever asked me how I’d lost the weight. It’s something I did for myself.’

Fern’s health wasn’t in great shape as her knees were starting to hurt, and she had high cholesterol. Cutting down on carbohydrates in your diet can really help with weight loss. Lots of nutrition experts suggest trying low-carb diets that are rich in protein and fiber because these foods keep you feeling full for longer periods. 

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Fern Britton, has amazed everyone with her significant weight loss journey, losing 5 stones over the past few years. She went from a size 22 to a size 12, impressing many with her transformation. Fern achieved this by focusing on eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Fern revealed that she concentrated on her diet, reducing carbohydrates and opting for a more balanced eating plan. She also credited a gastric band for her weight loss but emphasized that she also made lifestyle changes, such as preparing homemade meals and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into her diet.

Fern opened up about her journey, mentioning that she faced criticism for not being transparent about her weight loss methods. However, she clarified that she had never lied but had simply not been asked about it. She wanted to prioritize her health, especially as she was experiencing knee pain and had high cholesterol.

Cutting down on carbohydrates can be effective for weight loss, as suggested by many nutrition experts. Overall, Fern’s journey emphasizes the importance of healthy eating, exercise, and making sustainable lifestyle changes for achieving significant weight loss.

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