Ethan Klein Weight Loss: How the Comedian Shredded Pounds and Found Laughter Along the Way

Ethan Klein Weight Loss: Ethan Klein has been incredibly vocal about his weight loss journey recently. Over the last few years, Klein has been on an anti-depressant medication that has reshaped his mental health, but it has had the side effect of gaining weight over the same time frame.

After committing to a new diet and exercise plan, Klein has shown off how he lost 30 pounds and hit a two-year weight low.

Ethan Klein Weight Loss

Prominent comedian and YouTuber Ethan Klein, co-owner of H3h3 Productions with his spouse Hila, openly discussed his struggles with depression and weight gain due to antidepressant medication. In a transformative decision in 2022, Ethan embarked on a weight-loss journey, shedding an impressive 30 pounds in just seven months. Central to his success was a dietary overhaul, where he abandoned unhealthy habits of binge-eating on soda, junk food, and alcohol.

Ethan adopted a low-carb, high-protein diet, embracing foods like eggs, fish, chicken, almonds, and vegetables. While not fixated on calorie counting or a specific diet, he focused on mindful eating. Complementing his dietary changes, Ethan emphasized the importance of regular exercise, incorporating at least 30 minutes of daily treadmill use, interspersed with anime-watching to break monotony. Weightlifting and resistance training further contributed to enhanced muscle tone and strength.

The mental aspect played a crucial role, with Ethan cultivating a positive mindset, drawing inspiration from his wife’s fitness journey, and expressing a desire to be a better spouse and parent for his two sons. Grateful for the support of friends and fans, Ethan Klein’s weight loss journey underscores the significance of holistic lifestyle changes.

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Ethan Klein Weight Loss: Diet

According to Ethan, altering his diet was the key to his weight loss. He acknowledged that he used to overindulge in junk food, soda, and booze during his binges. He claimed to have given up those bad habits and to have started eating less in general. Additionally, he changed to a high-protein, low-carb diet, which gave him more energy and a feeling of fullness. According to him, his main foods were nuts, veggies, fish, poultry, and eggs. He also consumed a lot of green tea and water. He claimed he did not track calories or adhere to any particular diet, but he did make an effort to be aware of what and how much he was eating.

Ethan Klein Weight Loss: Exercise

Ethan claimed that consistent exercise was another important component of his weight loss. He claimed to have purchased a treadmill and to have begun walking for at least half an hour each day on it. He claimed that to make his walks more entertaining and less monotonous, he watched anime. He claimed that as he became more fit, he increased his speed and intensity progressively. To build strength and tone his muscles, he added that he had engaged in some resistance training and weightlifting. He said that he didn’t follow a rigid exercise schedule, but he did his best to be persistent and driven.

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Ethan Klein Weight Loss: Mindset

Ethan claimed that adopting a positive outlook was the last element in his weight loss. He claimed that Hila, his wife, who also got healthy and dropped weight, served as his inspiration. He expressed his desire to improve as a spouse and parent to his two sons. Along with wanting to be happy and more self-assured, he said. He claimed that despite various obstacles and disappointments along the road, he persisted and remained optimistic. He expressed his gratitude to his friends and supporters for their encouragement and support, and he acknowledged his growth and accomplishments.


Ethan Klein, comedian and YouTuber of H3h3 Productions, shared his successful weight loss journey on the H3 Podcast. In seven months, he shed 30 pounds by adopting a low-carb, high-protein diet with foods like eggs, fish, chicken, and vegetables. Regular exercise, including treadmill use and resistance training, played a vital role. Ethan emphasized a positive mindset, drawing inspiration from his wife Hila and a desire to be a better spouse and parent. Gratitude for friends and fans’ support marked his transformative journey.

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