Eminem Weight gain : From Bully’s Threat to Celebrity Struggles

Eminem Weight Gain: Even if Eminem is now wealthy and well-known, this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t had difficulties in the past. A bully nearly took Eminem’s life when he was nine years old. In addition to having a difficult upbringing, he struggled as his celebrity increased and he developed a hidden addiction.

Eminem was going through a difficult time with his addiction. He was able to recover psychologically and physically, and he was in the best form of his life thanks to rehab.

But eventually, maintaining one’s physical appearance turned into an obsession, making the process of losing weight unhealthy. We’ll reflect on Eminem’s past weight loss attempts and how he attained his goal of 149 pounds. To put it mildly, it was an incredible ride.

Eminem Weight Gain Journey

eminem weight gain

Everybody has a different reason for wanting to make a significant change. Once Eminem was released from treatment, he wanted to lose weight and discover a new addiction. Eminem’s weight reached a record-breaking 230 pounds in 2007. The rapper claimed that his poor eating habits were solely caused by the drugs he was taking.

As Eminem was coming to the end of his recovery stay, it was the ideal opportunity for him to shift his attention. “I needed to shed pounds after leaving treatment, but I also needed to learn how to live a sober life. I could never sleep unless I was blitzed out of my head. I thus began to run.” It was ideal because it not only helped me go to sleep but also provided me with a natural endorphin high. It’s simple to comprehend how folks switch from addiction to workout.”

Even though things got off to a good start, Eminem quickly found himself overachieving with his new objective. He shed a significant amount of weight, but in the background, the objective turned slightly compulsive.

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Eminem 80-Pound Weight Loss Became Obsessive

eminem weight gain

Yes, the rapper reduced by more than eighty pounds, but he understood at the end that he wasn’t healthily approaching things. He suddenly became obsessive-compulsive about maintaining his weight. Eminem was running far too much, and by the end of it, his body was not able to keep up with the exercise, coupled with a low-calorie intake. This led to a buildup of injuries.

I turned into a hamster. The rapper acknowledges that he ran on a treadmill for seventeen miles every day, to the point of injury. I used to get up in the morning and run eight and a half miles in around an hour before heading to the studio. I’d run for eight and a half more after that when I got home. I developed an obsession with counting calories, making sure I burned two thousand each day. I eventually lost weight to be around 149 pounds.

Eminem isn’t 149 pounds anymore; it’s obvious that his new regimen has given him a little more stability and balance. Towards the end, such kind of pace was more detrimental than beneficial. His workouts weren’t exactly simple, but neither were his aerobic routines.

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Eminem Weight gainJourney Didn’t Include Gym Training

eminem weight gain

When the rapper’s joints and health began to suffer, running was no longer an option, so he focused more on his workout regimen. His fame made it unwise for him to visit the gym, so he turned to exercise films like “Insanity” and “P90X.”

“Eminem says, ‘I need someone on the TV yelling to motivate me because I’m alone in my gym and I know a lot of these DVD guys are wacky.” In addition, some of this s— is enjoyable.

“When I originally started the Insanity program, I switched up my regimen, doing the Insanity one day and running the other. I eventually gave up jogging completely since it was too hard to handle both of them. The insane prevailed. I eventually jumbled things up. I briefly completed the P90X program (which I still do because it’s the most difficult ab routine). Currently, I complete the Body Beast workout at home using free weights, a bench, and a pull-up bar every morning before heading to the class. It helps that the Body Beast guy is exaggerated because it’s just me.


Eminem, despite fame and fortune, faced adversity from a young age, surviving a near-fatal assault at nine. Overcoming addiction through rehab, he pursued drastic weight loss, shedding 80 pounds but developing unhealthy obsessions. Running excessively, counting calories, and facing injuries, Eminem eventually found balance with diverse workouts, eschewing gyms for home fitness programs.

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