Emily Blunt Reveals Her Weight Loss Secret: “I’ve Been Working Out More Recently”

Emily Blunt Weight Loss: Emily Blunt, renowned for her roles in movies and TV shows like “A Quiet Place,” “Jungle Cruise,” “Edge Of Tomorrow,” “Mary Poppins,” and “The Girl On The Train,” has captivated audiences worldwide with her acting prowess. However, alongside her acting talent, many admire Emily for her impressive fitness and body shape.

Oppenheimer,” which recently premiered in French cinemas and is set for a global release, has already generated immense anticipation. Directed by Christopher Nolan, this biopic about J. Robert Oppenheimer features stellar actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Emily Blunt, who portrays Kitty Oppenheimer, adding depth to the storyline.

At the London premiere of “Oppenheimer,” Emily’s remarkable strength and fitness caught everyone’s attention. With toned abs and strong arms on display, the “Edge of Tomorrow” star is redefining standards for modern women. It’s evident that she’s shed some weight, sparking curiosity about her secret diet.

So, let’s dive into Emily Blunt’s weight loss journey and uncover how specific diet and lifestyle changes can influence your body. 

Emily Blunt’s Weight Loss: What She Eats and How She Works Out?

Emily Blunt's Weight Loss: What She Eats and How She Works Out?

Emily is undeniably a phenomenal talent, starring in movies and many others that have earned her nominations for various awards. She’s won accolades such as the Golden Globe and Critics’ Choice Award, among others.

Despite her busy schedule and success, many are still curious about how Emily manages to stay so fit and stunning. Let’s take a closer look at her Workout routine and diet plan.

Her Workout Routine

Emily has always been in good shape. If you look at the movies she’s been in, you’ll notice she’s taken on some physically demanding roles that needed a lot of training. Films like ‘Edge of Tomorrow‘ have required her to be strong and fit.

She’s mentioned a few times that she doesn’t think it’s necessary to be super fit all the time. She prefers to keep a certain level of energy in her body, but being constantly muscular isn’t her thing. 

“While speaking to Fitnessreaper, Emily mentioned”

“I’ve been working out more recently, I really like doing Pilates as well and yoga and all those lengthening exercises … probably like four, sometimes five times a week!” 

Emily is pretty consistent with her workouts. She works with trainer Monique Eastwood, who puts her through some intense sessions. She does a mix of HIIT and bodyweight exercises to tone up her abs and upper body. Plus, she enjoys some calming breathing exercises to unwind.

Monique Eastwood has come up with her own workout method called the Eastwood Movement Method, which is popular among Hollywood stars. It starts with stretching and cardio, moves on to HIIT, and finishes with bodyweight exercises.

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Her Diet Plan

At the premiere, Emily looked absolutely stunning, and everyone couldn’t stop talking about it. But her secret isn’t some quick-fix diet—it’s a way of life. You don’t achieve that kind of body in your 40s by hopping on and off fad diets. It’s about making healthy eating a regular part of your routine.

In an interview, Emily mentioned she’s not a fan of strict diets. She prefers to eat in moderation rather than cutting out entire food groups. Her go-to meal? A classic Sunday roast with plenty of meat and roasted veggies.

She indulges in pizza, coffee, and other treats now and then, but she tries to stick to gluten-free, organic options without obsessing over calorie counts.

“My new healthy regime is basically trying to cut out things like pizza — I’m working out, and I’m cutting out pizza.” 

She enjoys a comforting bowl of chicken soup and some chips, and she tries to limit herself to just one cup of coffee a day. Emily believes in finding balance in her diet and health, and that seems to be the key to her recent weight loss and overall well-being.

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Emily Blunt has been impressing audiences not only with her acting skills but also with her fitness and body shape. Recently, at the premiere of “Oppenheimer,” where she portrays Kitty Oppenheimer, her toned physique grabbed everyone’s attention, sparking curiosity about her weight loss secret.

Emily’s workout routine usually done four to five times a week. Following the Eastwood Movement Method, which includes stretching, cardio, HIIT, and bodyweight exercises. However, Emily emphasizes balance rather than extreme fitness, preferring to maintain energy levels without being overly muscular.

Regarding diet, Emily opts for moderation over strict restrictions. She enjoys classic meals like Sunday roast with meat and roasted veggies but tries to limit indulgences like pizza and coffee. Her approach focuses on gluten-free and organic options without obsessing over calorie counts.

Ultimately, Emily’s recent weight loss and overall well-being stem from her balanced approach to diet and exercise, making healthy choices a consistent part of her lifestyle.

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