Elvis Presley Weight Gain: Exploring the Icon’s Lifestyle and Dietary Habits

Elvis Presley Weight Gain: Austin Butler’s outstanding portrayal of the music legend has brought Elvis’ name back into the public eye. Decades after he died in 1977, fans are still reflecting on Elvis Presley’s life and his rising net worth. Elvis was 42 years old when he went away.

One of his health concerns was related to his nutrition. Elvis’s maid claimed that Elvis’s poor eating habits and hectic schedule were the reasons for his noticeable weight gain during his latter years. We’ll explain why Elvis put on so much weight and what, according to his maid Nancy Rooks, he was consuming at the time.

Elvis Presley Weight Gain: Did Tom Hanks Put on Some Weight?

elvis presley weight gain

Tom Hanks reportedly did not put on weight for the Elvis movie. To play Colonel Tom Parker, the actor wore a bulky suit and used a lot of prosthetics. Tom was a major source of both emotional and professional support for Elvis. Elvis Presley’s love of junk food, fast-paced lifestyle, and the demands of stardom have all contributed to his weight gain. Regretfully, his life ended before it should have before he had a chance to change his ways.

Presley might have received help for an eating disorder, but back then he was ridiculed and labeled “fat Elvis” in the press. He reportedly weighed an astonishing 158kg (350 pounds) at the time of his death, at age 42 – around 80kg, or 180 pounds, heavier than a decade before.

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Elvis’s Hectic Schedule Caused Him to Follow a Different Eating Schedule

elvis presley weight gain

The lifestyle Elvis was compelled to lead due to his job constituted his first significant health issue. His housekeeper and cook, Nancy Rooks, claimed that the icon ate breakfast at 5 PM because he tended to nap during the day after a late night.

“He would breakfast at this time (5 PM) in the evening,” she says to Classic Bands. He would eat breakfast at this hour. He never had breakfast in the morning like you or I might have since he would be asleep for most of the morning.” “He might wake up some time that day upstairs, so we would probably take him some water or we would have a bowl of fruit up there.”

Dinner would likewise be served in the late evening hours. Elvis would normally come to eat between 12:30 and 1 AM, therefore dinner would usually be prepared ahead of time. “He would go to the movies or something at dinnertime and return by one or two in the morning.” He would return inside and have dinner, but it would have been cooked beforehand. However, Rooks disclosed, “there would always be someone there to fix it for him.”

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Elvis Presley’s Lifestyle Changed as He Got Older

elvis presley weight gain

Even celebrities need to work hard to maintain their amazing bodies. However, most people are aware that maintaining a tight diet and exercise schedule requires self-control. Even the most committed people occasionally struggle to stay with it.

Presley had a very active life in his earlier years. He put in a lot of time on the road and in the recording studio, but as the years went by, things started to change. Express claims that he started leading an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. Presley slept throughout the day and stayed up all night. He was called to be “almost nocturnal,” and even during his awake hours, he led a somewhat inactive life.

Not that Presley’s dietary habits helped much. According to SoYummy, Presley’s diet was somewhat gluttonous, consisting mostly of hot dogs, fried meals, and sugar-filled beverages. Desserts were very dear to the King, especially coconut cake. It is said that he “ate the dessert every night.” It wasn’t very healthy for his weight because of its high-calorie content.


Austin Butler’s portrayal of Elvis in a recent film has reignited interest in the legendary musician’s life, focusing on his weight gain in later years. Elvis’s maid attributes his increased weight to poor eating habits and a hectic schedule. Despite claims that Tom Hanks gained weight for the role, it’s clarified he used prosthetics. Elvis’s irregular eating schedule and unhealthy diet, including a love for junk food, contributed to his weight gain before his untimely death at 42.

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