Dorit Kemsley Plastic Surgery: Exclusive Insights Into the Bravo Star’s Transformations

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Dorit Kemsley Plastic Surgery: Dorit Kemsley Had Surgery in Late 2022

According to Kemsley’s nurse, she was employed at Bravolebrity from November 16, 2022, and November 20, 2022. She mentioned that her services were $100 per hour, and when she sent Kemsley the bill after doing the math, it was quite a bit.

“By the number of hours, I put in at my $100 per hour pricing. I made $8,600 working 86 hours at an hourly wage.” The reality star had been served with legal documents, the nurse informed the judge during an April hearing in which Dorit was not present.

In the end, the judge mandated that Kemsley repay $8,675 in total. She hasn’t handed the nurse any money yet, and as she waits about, the working-class person is growing impatient.

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Dorit Kemsley Hauled Back To Court

Dorit Kemsley is being hauled back to court by a nurse who has had enough and is trying to figure out how in the world she is going to get her cash back from the always-stylish Kemsley. Vanderstay had better get in line, regrettably.

A lot of people have said they are waiting on unpaid bills from the Kemsleys, which includes PK Kemsley. After years of hardship, the Blast revealed the news after he was able to settle a loan with the Bellagio casino in Las Vegas.

Then there was the embarrassing effort at debt collection on the show when a friend of Dorit’s former business partner, Ryan Horne, confronted her at a party. Together with Horne, the pair attempted to launch Beverly Beach, a swimsuit brand.

Horne sued the couple for the $205,000 he initially put up for the swimwear business after it failed. “Why don’t you repay Ryan Horne the money you owe him?” a lady shouted at Dorit on tape. You cheap shitbag!”

In addition, PK was charged with owing Nicos Kirzis, a guy, $1.2 million from a previous loan. You get the idea, then.

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Dorit Kemsley Is Opening Up About Her Journey with Plastic Surgery

With an extensive Q&A session on Instagram, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills designer welcomed the New Year by inviting her admirers to “Ask me anything you like!” When fans posed questions, Dorit didn’t hesitate to respond, addressing questions like “Have you ever done plastic surgery?”

Dorit stated, “The only plastic surgery I’ve had done is my boobs,” and then she expressed her annoyance at people who thought she was lying about the procedures she had.

“When people tell me I’ve had facial plastic surgery, it drives me insane.” I deal with talented makeup artists who can completely transform your face, and I’ve done Botox and filler,” she said. “I swear, I will gladly share if I ever decide to have plastic surgery.”

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During the RHOBH Season 9 reunion, Dorit also talked candidly about the allegations of plastic surgery. “I’m delighted to share my accomplishments. Since I find it hilarious when people claim that I’ve undergone numerous procedures and a facelift,” she stated at the time. “All I ever did to my face was have a little Botox and filler.”

Speaking of sharing, Dorit has already talked about another surgery she underwent: veneer placement. The mother of two spoke candidly about her new smile in July. After years of grinding her teeth, Dorit said, she observed that her teeth “looked smaller and smaller” and that they were becoming more sensitive.

She claimed, “Over the past few years, every dentist I saw has told me the same thing: I had worn down my teeth to the point where veneers were inevitable.”


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