Colin Strickland Plastic Surgery: Debunking the Speculations Surrounding the Cycling Star

Colin Strickland Plastic Surgery: In the past, Colin Strickland was a fixed gear and gravel criterium specialist cyclist. He was skilled at what he did, and after winning the Red Hook Crit series, he shot to the top of the cycling racing world. 2018 and 2017 saw him win the Gravel Worlds as well. However, it was his victory in the Unbound Gravel 200 in 2019—against numerous current UCI World Tour pros—that brought him real notoriety. His popularity grew, leading to numerous sponsorships and endorsements.

Up until 2022, when his girlfriend Kaitlin Armstrong killed Moriah Wilson, a fellow professional gravel rider with whom he had an intermittent connection, Colin Strickland’s career was genuinely at its pinnacle. According to reports, he bought the gun that Armstrong used to murder Wilson. It’s improbable that he will bounce back from the tumble he endured once his association with the murderer and victim came to light. In any case, let’s investigate the rumors that are presently circulating on social media regarding his plastic surgery!

Colin Strickland Plastic Surgery: Why Do People Believe that He Has Had Procedures?

Colin Strickland plastic surgery

It’s quite likely that Colin Strickland has never had plastic surgery. Other than looking a little thinner and more haggard than previously, he hasn’t altered much in terms of appearance. This could be because he lost weight as a result of stress from everything going on.

There’s been a noticeable increase in the amount of people searching the internet for information regarding Colin’s cosmetic surgery for an inexplicable reason. Nothing about him even slightly hints that he may have had plastic surgery, therefore it’s unclear what has folks believing that he may have had surgery.

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Colin Strickland plastic surgery

Colin Strickland seems almost exactly as he did in 2022 when he gained notoriety for being connected to Moriah Wilson, who was fatally murdered by his lover with a gun he had bought. There was nothing particularly noteworthy or captivating about the appearance of this ordinary white man. However, being a two-time gravel racing world champion, he was semi-popular and had a lot of attention from ladies, so I don’t think his lack of physical beauty had much of an impact on him. Most likely, he never gave plastic surgery any thought.

As it was, numerous Reddit users pointed out that Colin Strickland’s response to his ex-lover’s passing was self-centered. It appeared from his actions in court and on social media that he was more distraught about his career taking a hit than he was about his ex-girlfriend dying. His concern for the victim was minimal. He pretended to be the hot sh*t who was greatly irritated by Moriah Wilson’s situation. It’s possible that he is too self-obsessed to consider getting plastic surgery.

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Did Colin Strickland Have Plastic Surgery?

Colin Strickland plastic surgery

It appears that Strickland has aged somewhat since 2022. He has lost a lot of weight since then. Extremely thin, but that could be the result of weight loss brought on by stress from having his sponsorship deals with Specialized, Enve Composites, and Ralpha clothing company canceled. Other than that, he looks different, but he is essentially the same. Colin Strickland does not appear to have undergone plastic surgery.

I reiterate that it’s likely not because he feels the need to undergo cosmetic surgery, but rather that he doesn’t think he needs it. Perhaps he should have followed Kaitlin Armstrong’s example and finished his task. Armstrong tried to start over in Costa Rica by assuming a new identity and, of course, a new look in an attempt to avoid being apprehended. She changed who she was with plastic surgery, probably hoping that no one would notice her and she would be free.

Although Colin Strickland does not need to remain anonymous, he may wish to begin a new life. Everyone is aware of his ire at his career’s demise. He might therefore have the notion to alter his appearance, move his base, and begin anew in order to start over. Although he doesn’t appear to have had any work done, if the rumors about him are accurate, it’s possible that he underwent plastic surgery to start over.


Colin Strickland, former cycling champion, faced a career downfall after his association with a murder case. Rumors circulate on social media suggesting plastic surgery, but there’s no evident change in his appearance. Despite his tumultuous personal life, Strickland does not seem to have undergone cosmetic procedures, raising questions about the credibility of the speculations.

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