Charlotte Flair Plastic Surgery: How Did She Respond to Speculations About Her Appearance?

Charlotte Flair Plastic Surgery: The daughter of legendary wrestler Richard Fliehr and American-born Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr, Charlotte Flair is a professional wrestler in her own right. The fact that her father was an early trailblazer in the sport of wrestling inspired her to continue in his footsteps.
Being the daughter of the renowned Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair hails from a wrestling family. In 1993, she began her professional wrestling career by making her debut appearance in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) with her father. But she didn’t begin her official training with WWE until 2012, and she debuted in NXT, WWE’s developmental division, the following year.

She has left her career as a personal trainer to focus on wrestling full-time. Notable among her many accomplishments was her reign as women’s champion, which she held for the longest period of her career. She made her WWE debut in 2013 and quickly rose through the ranks to main roster status in 2015, initially competing under the NXT brand.

Her absence from the show has sparked rumors regarding her taking time to undergo plastic surgery treatments. Let’s delve more into the scenario to know the reason.

Charlotte Flair Plastic Surgery: What Are Some Speculations and Rumors?

charlotte flair plastic surgery

While Charlotte was away from the ring for a week, fans started to speculate that she had had plastic surgery.

The WWE community was quick to believe these unverified rumors, which sparked conjecture about possible cosmetic alterations including fillers or significant surgeries. It should be noted, though, that no hard proof exists to imply that Charlotte had major plastic surgery while on vacation.

The rumors couldn’t have been farther from the truth. According to reports, Charlotte’s brief absence from WWE programming was due to her recent dental surgery. Rest and recovery time are still necessary after dental surgeries, even though they aren’t quite as dramatic as cosmetic procedures.

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Has Charlotte ever had breast implants?

Yes, She has had breast implants in her body. The 12-time champion had already taken time off for elective surgeries. She said that after her implants burst in 2018, doctors found free-floating silicone in her body, which sidelined her for two months. She had to take a break from work to deal with her health difficulties and heal after getting them fixed.

Upon her comeback at the pay-per-view event, Charlotte Flair’s fans couldn’t help but notice her transformed looks. Many went on to gush over her, praising her beauty. Ever since Flair made her NXT debut in 2014, fans have been curious about how her appearance has changed.

Flair took to Twitter in July to quell the rumors that had been circulating about her look and plastic surgery. She recounted her story, describing how in 2018, not long after her career-defining win at WrestleMania, she became very sick. A trip to the doctor revealed that her illness was caused by silicone poisoning, which was caused by a leaky implant.

She was presented with multiple solutions to the problem, each requiring a different amount of time to heal. Because being a professional wrestler is her dream job, she went with the fastest route that would get her back in the ring the quickest.

But she knew something wasn’t right even after her first return, so she returned to the doctor, who diagnosed the same problem. Despite the somewhat lengthier recuperation period, she opted for a different choice this time since she thought it would offer a long-term solution.

Upon her return from a six-month rehabilitation, the ‘Queen of WWE’ appeared more beautiful than before, leaving fans in awe. Professional wrestling is Charlotte Flair’s life and soul, and she refuses to let the criticism and speculation about her looks derail her career.

Charlotte Flair Plastic Surgery: What Did Her Husband Tell Her About Her?

charlotte flair plastic surgery

Fans of Charlotte Flair have taken to Twitter on multiple occasions to voice their rumors and guesses regarding the possibility that the wrestler has undergone plastic surgery to improve her physical look. It is not the first time that rumors about plastic surgery have been spread about a celebrity after they have had a significant transformative change in their body or general physical appearance. To save her, Charlotte’s husband had come to her help and said,

Workout, diet, facials” I show without filters and without makeup what my fiancé @MsCharlotteWWE looks like, and for all those people who comment that she has 1,000,000 surgeries (just one).’

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While there have been speculations all around regarding Charlotte Flair undergoing plastic surgery for her face it has been simply stated by her and her husband that she had never undergone any plastic surgery except for her breast implants for which she has been suffering for a long time as well. Moreover, Charlotte’s absence from the show is a simple indication of her undergoing dental surgery or treatment over which she has even stated.

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