Weight Gain

Jennifer Hudson Weight Gain

Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Weight Gain: “I have no issues with that at all.”

Naomi Williams

Jennifer Hudson Weight Gain: Jennifer Hudson is an American singer and actress, renowned for her achievements in music, film, television, ...

Timothee Chalamet Weight Gain

Timothee Chalamet Weight Gain: Is Actor’s Weight Gain Apparent or Assumed?

Naomi Williams

Timothee Chalamet Weight Gain: Timothee Chalamet is a talented actor who’s become well-known in Hollywood in the last seven years. He ...

Beth Behrs Weight Gain

Beth Behrs Shares Her Healthy Weight Secret: “I was eating funnel cakes and doughnuts every day.”

Naomi Williams

Beth Behrs Weight Gain: Elizabeth Ann Behrs, an American actress, gained fame for her role as Caroline Channing in the ...

Lisa Riley Weight Gain

Lisa Riley Weight Gain: Why Did She Experience Weight Gain After Losing 12 Stone?

Naomi Williams

Lisa Riley Weight Gain: Lisa Riley is a well-known English actress, comedian, and television presenter. She is most recognized for her ...

Nelly Furtado Weight Gain

Nelly Furtado Opens Up About Her Weight Gain: “I need to stay emotionally and physically well for my daughter.”

Naomi Williams

Nelly Furtado Weight Gain: Nelly Kim Furtado, a talented Canadian singer and songwriter, has made a significant mark in the ...

Christian Bale Weight Gain

Christian Bale’s Response To Ongoing Weight Gain: “I don’t know if it’s the healthiest” 

Justin Campbell

Christian Bale Weight Gain: Christian Bale is an amazing actor, no doubt about it. But what really stands out about ...

Ciara Weight Gain

Ciara Talks Openly About Her Weight Gain: “I kept eating, and I gained 60 pounds”

Naomi Williams

Ciara Weight Gain: Ciara Princess Wilson is a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, dancer, model, and actress. Her big break came with ...

Vanessa Hudgen Weight Gain

Vanessa Hudgens Shares Her Experience with Weight Gain: “I’m an earthy girl”

Naomi Williams

Vanessa Hudgens Weight Gain: Vanessa Hudgens, the actress and singer from the USA, gained widespread fame for her role as ...

Victoria Caputo Weight Gain

“Victoria Caputo Addresses Weight Gain Criticism: ‘It does not change me as a person”

Naomi Williams

Victoria Caputo Weight Gain: Victoria Caputo is a TV star from America. She became well-known after being on the popular TV ...

Hailey Bieber Weight Gain

Hailey Bieber Opens Up About the Rumors Of Her Weight Gain: ”It’s just bad for your mental health”! 

Naomi Williams

Hailey Bieber Weight Gain: Hailey Bieber is a model, TV personality, and famous social figure from America. You might have ...

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