Alison DiLaurentis Weight Gain: The Real Story Behind the Transformation

Alison Dilaurentis Weight Gain: Due to her unsettling weight gain of almost 70 pounds, Sasha Pieterse was the subject of several body-shaming comments. It didn’t help that Pretty Little Liars star Alison DiLaurentis was unable to justify her weight gain. After receiving a PCOS diagnosis, Sasha Pieterse has been vocal about the illness ever since.

American actress, singer, and songwriter Sasha Pieterse is descended from South Africa. Her role as Alison DiLaurentis in the Freeform television series Pretty Little Liars and its spin-off Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists is how most people first came to know her.

She was chosen to play Amy Loubalu, a supporting role, in the 2011 Disney Channel movie Geek Charming as a result of Pretty Little Liars’ success. In 2013, she starred in the teen comedy G.B.F. She also competed in the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars in 2017, finishing in 10th place.

Alison Di Laurentis Weight Gain: Her Inspiring Before and After Transformation

alison dilaurentis weight gain

About three years ago, Sasha Pieterse (@sashapieterse) experienced severe physical struggles after gaining over 70 pounds (32 kg) in just two years. Sasha Pieterse will always remember the period she gained the weight. She was teased for being overweight, so she would always remember what happened when she grew larger. People were wondering why Alison DiLaurentis became overweight while filming Pretty Little Liars, and there was conjecture in the media regarding her health. Why was her weight increase so great? She gained weight and, all in all, had a really unhappy experience.

Sasha Pieterse thought about that for a long time. She sobbed about her weight gain in her practice video even after the bullying event, while she was competing in the US edition of Dancing with the Stars. She appeared to be little of a trigger for Hailee Steinfeld’s upbeat self-love song Most Girls, which she was dancing to that week. Says she

I love the song because it really resonates with me about what I’ve been through, and what I’m still going through. I gained 70-ish pounds over two years and it was really, really hurtful the way people reacted. They were saying stuff like, ‘She’s pregnant.’ ‘You’re fat.’ They were angry, they were mad that I look like this. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever been through.

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alison dilaurentis weight gain

Sasha Pieterse struggled not only with the reactions she received from people regarding her weight increase but also with the fact that she couldn’t understand the whole situation. Why was her weight increase so great? She had not been doing anything unusual, so she could not for the life of her figure out why she was growing larger and accumulating so much weight. All she knew was that she was gaining weight, experiencing irregular periods, and finding it increasingly difficult to reduce her weight—symptoms that, depending on one’s lifestyle, might occasionally seem normal, but she had not altered her way of living.

Sasha Pieterse was clueless about the situation and lacked the means to resolve it. She visited the doctor to inquire about those symptoms, and it was then that she received a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), a hormone imbalance that affects approximately 10% of women. PCOS was the reason behind her perplexing weight increase, which was also causing her a great deal of stress.

alison dilaurentis weight gain

Due to PCOS, a hormone imbalance that can produce irregular and/or extended periods, as well as excess male hormones that can cause excessive facial and body hair, severe acne, and hair loss, Sasha Pieterse struggled with her physique and weight gain. It seemed as though a weight had been removed off her shoulders after making this discovery and being able to finally explain her weight gain. Says she

Finally I knew why this was happening to me. I feel like I’ve always been a happy person, and I’ve been so blessed with an amazing family and friends. But I don’t know, I went through a hard time, so feeling like me again, it means the world honestly.

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Sasha Pieterse, known for her role as Alison DiLaurentis, faced body-shaming comments after gaining 70 pounds in two years. Diagnosed with PCOS, a hormone imbalance, she struggled with weight, irregular periods, and public scrutiny. Pieterse’s openness about her journey and inspiring transformation sheds light on the challenges she overcame, emphasizing self-acceptance and resilience.

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