Adam Lambert Opens Up About His Weight Loss Journey: ”Oh, a hundred times better”

Adam Lambert Weight Loss: Adam Lambert is a  singer and songwriter from the United States. He became really popular when he participated in the eighth season of the TV show “American Idol.” His first album, called “For Your Entertainment,” came out and landed at number three on the Billboard 200 chart.

Adam Lambert released his second album, called “Trespassing,” in 2012. It hit the number one spot, partly because he teamed up with producers like Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. 

Adam Lambert also joined the legendary rock band Queen as their lead singer. Even though nobody can replace the iconic Freddie Mercury, Lambert did an incredible job performing with Queen. 

While some folks worry that Adam Lambert’s recent weight loss. People are curious to know more about Adam Lambert’s weight loss.

Adam Lambert Weight Loss: How He Shed 40 Pounds?

Adam Lambert Weight Loss: How He Shed 40 Pounds?

Reflecting on Adam Lambert’s rise to fame after coming in second place on American Idol in 2009, the singer not only made strides in his music career but also underwent an impressive weight loss, shedding over 40 pounds. 

He said to OKmagazine,

“I lost probably about forty pounds about ten years ago.

“When I was in high school, I had bad eating habits. I ate a bunch of crap – a bunch of fast food and stuff. I learned more about what’s healthy and what’s not healthy. I used a little bit of self-control.”

Adam Lambert, who is quite candid about his journey with weight loss, reveals that he used to weigh over 250 pounds during his high school years. Like many people struggling with weight, Lambert faced challenges with overeating snacks and fast food. He battled with low self-esteem because of his weight. 

As Adam Lambert gained more popularity during his time on American Idol, he felt motivated to regain his confidence and made the decision to shed some pounds along the way. Credit goes to Lambert for being open about his weight loss journey and the strategies he employed to shed the pounds. His first step was hitting the gym as early as possible. 

Adam enlisted the help of a personal trainer named Seth Gottesdiener, who had experience helping other celebrities lose weight. Together, they started their daily aerobic kick exercise sessions to build endurance. In addition to their aerobic workouts.

Adam and Seth would incorporate other fitness routines like slower, inclusive exercises, along with activities such as burpees, speed ropes, and mountain climbing. As for his diet, Lambert consumed a lot of plant-based foods as recommended by his mentor. 

Lambert has never looked back since losing 40 pounds, always proudly showing off his impressive body. After dropping the pounds, Adam felt great and more confident in himself. 

In an interview with OKmagazine, He said about his recent weight loss,

“Oh, a hundred times better. Physically I felt better, but I also had better self-esteem and body image.” 

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Adam Lambert shared his weight loss experience, shedding over 40 pounds about ten years ago. He struggled with weight during high school, battling low self-esteem due to overeating habits. Motivated by his rising popularity, Lambert decided to prioritize his health and confidence.

To achieve his weight loss goals, Lambert committed to regular gym sessions with a personal trainer, focusing on aerobic exercises and diverse fitness routines. He also adopted a plant-based diet, following recommendations from his mentor. 

Since losing weight, Lambert has experienced improved physical and mental well-being, feeling more confident and positive about himself. He continues to maintain his healthy lifestyle and is proud of his transformation.

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